About us

Welcome to Cold Brew Up

Hi! I’m Ron Silva, a coffee fanatic & barista. 

As a barista, I have the scopes to play with different types of coffee and recipes. 

Among them, I love cold brew coffee for its aroma, taste, and uniqueness. I’ve experimented with different kinds of cold brew coffee and iced cold coffee. It’s a really pleasant experience.  

So, I’ve decided to spread my knowledge to all other cold brew lovers and launched the website called “Cold Brew Up.”

One of my colleagues, Joseph Snyder, recently joined me to share his knowledge with coffee lovers. He is also a famous barista.

Now we’re working together in both professional life and this knowledge-sharing platform. 

On this website, you’ll find all about cold brew coffee-

  • Guides
  • Recipes
  • Beans idea
  • Gears
  • History
  • Tips
  • FAQs
  • Different Reviews and more

We hope you like it!