Some Common Misconceptions vs. Reality About Cold Brew Coffee

Many think twice before drinking cold brew about some usual misconceptions. This wrong thinking sometimes deter some from drinking cold brew and some reduce their drinking habit. Here, we are revealing some misconceptions about cold brew coffee that will amaze you and make you more knowledgeable. 

The biggest misconception is that “cold brew is iced coffee.” Many think it is responsible for frequent pooping, higher nutrient elements and less acid. It is also wrong to think cold brew is suitable only for hot days. All are only misconceptions, and we will reveal the truth.

Let’s go for revealing the truth against the popular misconceptions. 

Expose to some common misconceptions about cold brew coffee

Though cold brew coffee is enjoyed with great pleasure and tastes most of the time, some misconceptions are also popular against its fame and acceptance. Let’s explore the typical misconceptions and reveal the truth. 

Iced coffee and cold brew coffee are the same

Countless people think that cold brew coffee and iced coffee are the same. But the reality is different from the hearsay. Where iced coffee is made from hot brewed coffee, cold brew coffee is made from a different brewing method: room temperature-based cold brewing method. 

Thus, both are different from each other. But the concept says something different. 

Cold brew makes frequent pooping

Some complain about cold brew coffee and that it is a crucial factor behind frequent pooping. This is a wrong idea. Cold brew coffee does not have such a report for sound health conditions. If you are suffering from diarrhea, avoid cold brew coffee. Otherwise, it may increase your pooping frequency. 

Cold brew is highly nutritious

Some people think cold brew coffee is highly nutritious, but the reality is different. This superb liquid contains some nutrient elements: fiber, carbohydrates, sodium, etc. at small extent. These are not so high to meet the body requirements. So, it’s wrong to take cold brew as a nutrition fulfiller. 

Cold brew is suitable for hot days only

Many people think that cold brew coffee is only suitable for hot days. This is a wrong thought. On cold days, cold brew firmly holds its superb smoothie value. Even days with moderate heat or cold are suitable for cold brew drinking. 

Cold brew is less acidic

Some think that cold brew is less acidic at all the time. This is also a hearsay. Cold brew produces less acid due to its water to coffee ground ratio and extraction process. Changing any part of the making process will cause it to lose its acidic balance and increase the acid amount. 

Cold brew takes unique beans

Sometimes, people believe that cold brew needs a particular type of coffee beans to bring the best taste. But this is a wrong thinking. Different coffee beans will bring a diversion in coffee taste. The actual thing is to ensure your beans are adequately roasted, grounded with proper coarseness and maintained at a solid ratio.

Cold brew coffee is expensive

You may find cold brew sold at higher prices in shops, which you think is always costly. But this costly appearance of cold brew coffee is not correct. Cold brew is super easy and cheap if you try it at home. Cold brew at the shop is expensive due to its other maintenance expenses.

Cold brew always contains more caffeine than a typical coffee

In most cases, cold brew contains more caffeine than regular coffee. But, this can contain a smaller amount of caffeine when made with a different ratio that takes less coffee ground. Thus, the familiar concept of containing more caffeine is wrong. 

Cold brew is for specific people

You might have avoided cold brew because you thought it was not for all but instead for a class of particular people. To break this misconception, you must test cold brew at least once. No expert suggestion can prevent you from taking cold brew or you will face any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can cold brew coffee lead me to severe health issues?

In typical cases, cold brew has no side effects. But in cases of exceptional body condition or sensitivity, you may face some effects at a lower or remarkable level. Be sure about your body condition if you are suffering from any illness.

What is a fun fact about cold brew coffee?

Actually, there are a lot of fun facts about cold brew coffee. Cold brew contains a sweeter taste than a regular coffee. This is because of its longer steeping duration with water at room temperature. Make sure your water is clean and germ-free.

What’s the big deal with cold brew?

Cold brew coffee is the best drink that your body can absorb. Less acid, additive-less liquid and smooth drinks can be metabolized in the body without any complexity. Other extracts of cold brew are digest-assistive.

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