How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Without a Maker

Many wish to make cold-brew coffee but need a cold-brew maker. We have a superb method for them to make cold brew coffee without a maker. This process requires some simple instruments and you already have these elements in most cases. So, how to make cold brew coffee without a maker guide will help you immensely.

To make a cold brew without a maker, you must gather coffee grounds, water at room temperature, a spoon, a few jars, a filter or a small piece of cloth or filter paper, etc. Mix both water and coffee grounds in the pot with a spoon. Keep the mixture idle for 12 hours at least or more. Then, separate the wet grounds from the water with a filter. That’s your desired cold brew coffee.

In the later parts, we will describe how to make cold brew coffee easily at home without a maker. Please keep patient and spend a few minutes learning the entire process. 

Is making cold brew coffee without a maker so tough?

There is a misconception that making cold brew coffee at home without a maker is difficult or even impossible. But the actual scenery is quite different from the concept. You usually have the elements at home, whatever you need to make cold brew coffee. Since all elements are at hand, you will face no challenging situation.    

Ingredients we need

To make a cup of superb cold brew coffee, you need to have all the elements together. The elements are the following here – 

  • Coffee ground (we recommend newly grounded coffee beans),
  • Filtered cold water,
  • Filter or a piece of clean and flimsy cloth or filter paper,
  • Coffee ground container, 
  • An extra container for filtration,
  • Water container,
  • Cold brew mixer container,
  • Refrigerator (optional but recommended for better preservation) and
  • Ice, milk or flavor as additives (optional).

Start the cold brew-making process only after collecting all ingredients. This will help you to avoid unwanted mistakes.

How to make cold brew coffee without a maker in detail

The process of making cold brew is very straightforward and less time-consuming. Gather all elements on a table. Now follow the below steps:

Selecting the proper ratio:

Selecting the appropriate ratio is a crucial fact that makes cold brew coffee so tasty. So, be careful about it. Generally, a 1:4 or 1:6 ratio is good for bringing the right taste. We recommend you test a few ratios and select one to find out the best ratio for yourself. 

You must measure coffee grounds and water before mixing them in the jar according to your ratio. Suppose you have selected the ratio 1:6; you must take 6 ml water for each 1 gram of coffee grounds. Measure the total mixture amount according to your family member, future preservation or present number of cold brew-consuming people.

Getting coffee grounds ready

To avoid hassle, you can buy coffee grounds from a nearby shop. Here, you will get various coffee grounds – variations in roast level, ground size and caste, etc. Purchase a newly manufactured pack with an extended expiry date. This longer expiry will allow you to use the remaining grounds for more time.

Here is another tip for the best quality cold brew coffee. You can collect ungrounded whole beans and ground them on your own. This will bring the freshest taste and flavor. We recommend this tip for more coffee-enthused people.

Make sure that your coffee grounds are coarse in size. Though the medium size of grounds is also usable, we recommend corse ground for the best output. You can choose the length from the grinder settings if you grind your own. 

Getting water ready

Now, it is time to get ready for water. Collect water from a pure source that ensures germ-free clean water. You can filter your water to ensure purity if you have a little doubt. 

Mixing water and coffee

Take necessary coffee grounds and water in separate containers per the ratio and consumption level. Get them in the jar and stir with a spoon. Run the mixing process for a couple of minutes.

Wait for the extraction process to be completed

Keep the jar idle for 12-24 hours. In this period, water extracts the flavor, oil, color and other essence from the grounds. Allowing a little more or less extraction duration will have no issue, but extreme change will have. 

Preserving in a refrigerator

Preserve your cold brew in the refrigerator if possible. It will make your cold brew more enjoyable. This is not mandatory but recommended.

Filtration of cold brew

Get your cold brew at hand. Take a jar and set the filter paper or cloth on it. Pour the mixed cold brew liquid into the filter. Your cold brew concentration is ready in the jar. The state of cold brew before diluting to water is called ‘cold brew concentration.’

Dilution stage

Cold brew concentration produces a robust taste. This might be somewhat inappropriate for some. Dilute your cold brew concentration according to your preferred taste. The proper dilution ratio is 1:2. That means you need to mix 1 ml cold brew with 2 grams of water. 

Mixing additives into the concentration

Mixing some additives will change or increase your cold brew taste. Add some additives to the concentrate only when you enjoy it. Adding ice, flavor, chocolate, etc., is pretty standard. You can add one or more things at a time.

Serve and enjoy cold brew coffee

After completing the dilution stage, your cold brew is in your hand. You can serve it to your family members and yourself. If you want to add some additives, then do it. Your cold brew is ready. 


If you remember a few things, now wrong will happen and your cold brew will be up to the mark. Here are the items:

Extra time of extraction:

The ideal time for extraction is 16-18 hours. We recommend at least 12 hours and must not be over 24 hours. Below 12 hours of extraction will bring an immature taste and over 24 hours will lead to bitter taste. 

Using improper ground size

You will surely get a bizarre taste in case of improper-sized ground use. Whether buying or grinding, ensure you are using the proper size grounds.

Mixing additives

Excessive amounts of additive use may lead your coffee to a dull taste. If you think of using additives, be careful about it. It is also better to use one additive at a time. If you mix twice or more, drink it quickly.


We are delighted to describe how to make cold brew coffee without a maker. We hope this guide will be your great weapon for enjoying cold brew coffee at home. For more cold brew updates, stay tuned to us.

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