How To Make A Cold Drip Coffee Maker at Home Easily

Many love cold brew coffee and want it at home. A cold drip coffee maker is enough to fulfill their wish. But it remains unfinished for those who wish to make a cold drip coffee maker at home with their home equipment and how to use it. This article will be very special for them. 

You need to make a long and wide wooden piece. Attach three other wooden boards at the main boards at three points: top, middle and bottom. Now, pierce all three attached boards circularly. This pierce should be wide enough to hold your water, coffee ground and finalized coffee collection jar. Then, attach them to the main board with nailpins. That’s it, your board is at your hand. 

You just have the hints about making a cold drip coffee maker alone. Continue reading to learn the elaborated process. Stay tuned!

Figuring out the elements

To create the cold drip coffee maker, you must first figure out what you need at first. The easiest way to make a cold drip coffee maker is to make it with a wooden frame. The frame consists of a long wooden board of 2.5 to 3 feet long with a width of 1 to 1.5 feet; two pieces of the same thing are 1 or 1.15 feet long and 1 foot wide or 1 or 1.15 square feet. Another piece to be used at the bottom should be larger, 1.15 feet long and 1 foot wide or 1.15 square feet. 

The longest piece of board will support the other three boards after attaching them to itself. Then you need three containers or jars to start later process. The jars can be plastic or glass made. Glass made jars ensure better quality. Make sure top two jar has pipe at bottom to pass water and coffee liquid.

Collecting the elements

Necessary wooden pieces will be available at your nearby store. You can also order them online. In the case of jars or pots, you can use plastic-made or glass-made things. These will also be available at your nearby wood shop. Depending on their quality and size, the price will vary. 

Making the wooden frame

At first, pierce circularly on each of the three shorter boards. Before piercing, make a circle using a pen or pencil. The circle size must be according to your container size. When you have finished making circles on each board, place the longest wooden frame on a solid surface or hold it firmly. Now attach the shorter wooden boards with it by glue and nail. 

Attach smaller boards on the top, middle and bottom of the motherboard. The bottom board should be somewhat bigger than the middle and top boards. Because this will hold the total weight and make the frame strong. Being the same as the top and middle board size, the bottom board may capsize or shake your frame.

Attaching the container holders

Take the bigger board from the smaller three boards. Attach it to the bottom of the main board using some nails and glue.  Then, attach the other two boards on the middle and top of the frame in the same process. 

Testing the container placement

After completing the making process, a test is required. You have to keep the three containers according to the three holder points. 

Make space if needed

After completing the making process, if your containers do not fit fully to the holder points of the frame, do not leave them idle or pressure the containers to fit. Here, you need to enlarge the pierce of the shorter boards. Just cut it a bit to increase the whole size. Now, place the containers again and you will see them fit. If not, please check and repeat the process.

Test the maker

Now it’s time to run the whole maker with all the coffee ingredients. Thus, you can evaluate your brand-new coffee maker. If you find anything wrong in the system, check the entire maker from top to bottom. If your containers fit with the frame, there will be no wrong in the frame section. Finally, your maker is ready to serve if the containers are also okay.

Finalize the frame

When your test has given you the best result you want, fix the frame you have made and tested. For longer use, take care of your cold drip coffee maker.

Strengthening the maker

If you want to strengthen your maker more, you can attach the smaller boards with two main boards at two sides. This will certainly stop the frame from shaking.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the drip method for cold brew?

Normal cold brew means the immersion method of brewing whereas the drip method indicates the percolation brewing method. In this percolation method, water passes a thick surface of coffee grounds and becomes coffee liquid. It brings a special taste and flavor that will be attractive.

Which is stronger cold brew or drip coffee?

Due to the use of more coffee grounds, cold brew coffee is stronger than drip coffee. Generally, all coffee types require a coffee-to-water ratio. Here, the cold brew coffee ratio demands more coffee grounds than its popular ratios. Suppose, cold brew coffee takes a 1:4 or 1:6 coffee-to-water ratio, drip coffee requires a 1:16 or 1:18 ratio.

Why cold drip coffee is different from cold brew coffee?

The main reason for the difference between cold drip coffee and cold brew coffee is its brewing method. The brewing method of cold drip coffee is called percolation and cold brew coffee is called immersion. In the percolation method, the drip of water that passes the coarse coffee ground bed and brings the original taste that makes it a unique one.


We believe that learning how to make a cold drip coffee maker has satisfied you. We have chosen the guide because of its ease of use. Choosing the right types of wood and other ingredients will help you to get the best maker. 

Care and patience will make your work smoother and finer than making a hurry. We wish you success and enjoyment in making a cold drip coffee maker. Keep visiting us to explore more about cold drip coffee and other coffee.

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