How Long Does Nitro Cold Brew Last

Don’t you have enough time to make nitro cold brew every day? But, you are used to taking it regularly. Here you need to store cold brew. Before going to store nitro cold brew, you have to know how long does nitro cold brew last? To know the storing duration and other related information, stay tuned.

You can keep nitro coffee in a fridge or keg with heavy pressure. In this way, it will last for three months. Homemade nitro coffee can last for more or less two weeks under high pressure. This duration is also good for enjoying nitro coffee as fresh as a newly made one. Commercially made nitro coffee will last for several months ‍and sometimes up to nine months.

Our guide will cover all types of nitro coffee storage duration and some more relevant facts. Let’s discover them together.

Learning how long does nitro cold brew last – storing secrets

Though basic nitro coffee is only one type, it is found in three major forms. These variations in nitro coffee happen because of private and commercial production. The first one is canned nitro coffee for the general consumer, the second one is large-scale production for commercial houses, and the third one is homemade nitro coffee.

nitro cold brew last

Storing of canned nitro coffee

To store a nitro coffee can, you have to store the can in a refrigerator. Since the cans come with full air preventive condition and heavy nitrogen pressure, you can get nitro coffee safe for up to 10 months. Highly pressurized nitrogen increases the storage duration.

Storing of commercially produced nitro coffee

Commercial nitro coffee producers keep it in full airtight kegs. Actually, the whole cold brew-making process is modern, favorable to store, and uses an improved nitrogen injection system. All these make cold brew strong enough to sustain for a longer period.

Commercial producers generate a huge coffee quantity at a time. If they fail to store this quantity, they have to face huge damage and monetary loss. Hence, they ensure a strong system to store nitro coffee. You will find this system tough when you are arranging a system for a smaller nitro quantity.

Storing of homemade nitro coffee

Not being so airtight, homemade nitro coffee lasts for a minor duration of two weeks. Since homemade nitro coffee is not made at a large scale, this shorter storage duration will be enough for consuming the total quantity.

After making nitro coffee, pour it into a pitcher or jug. Then make it air preventive, and keep it in a fridge. Thus you can get the best result from homemade nitro coffee. It will turn into a typical cold brew if you make it late to enjoy the nitro cold brew.

Facts to know for lengthening your storage duration

Knowing the nitro coffee preservation duration will not help you enough until you know other supplementary facts. Let’s understand some key facts that will increase your storing duration and make the whole process effective.

Maintaining cold conditions

Naturally, cold conditions are very helpful for storing water-made or water-containing food products. Nitro cold brew is one of them. So, without keeping your nitro coffee jar or can in an open place or out of the fridge, keep them in your cool place like the refrigerator.

Making nitro coffee container airtight

When you have made a nitro cold brew and aim to preserve it, make sure you are taking nitro liquid in an airtight container. Otherwise, your beloved nitro cold brew will lose its appeal and become cold brew again.

Storing within a shorter period

When you decide to reserve a cold brew for a few days or months, you have to do it as soon as you get your cold brew is at your hand. Suppose you have got a cold brew can, keep it in your refrigerator promptly. If you have homemade nitro coffee in your glass or mug, don’t waste a moment keeping it in a fridge.

Commercial nitro coffee makers also have to hurry to keep the cold brew in their fridges.

Don’t oxidate your nitro coffee

Oxygen is a big threat to nitro cold brew. A short oxygen touch can vanish the special cascading visualization and longer touch can damage all nitrogen effects. Oxidation will also increase the pH level of nitro-cold coffee. This will lead the coffee to become bitter.

oxidized nitro coffee

Furthermore, oxidation increase the temperature of nitro coffee, which decreases the taste. If you have homemade nitro coffee to store, don’t wait a single moment.

Risk of germ mixing

Opened nitro coffee can cause some extra damage due to getting in touch with germs. If you keep it in a totally open space, germ contact chances rise high. Bacteria and some other germs tend to grow in a watery environment. By the way, do you know Nitro cold coffee has some health benefits? Yes, this is both enjoyable to drink and better for health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Starbucks nitro cold brew last?

You can store the Starbucks nitro cold brew coffee for 10 months if you keep them in a refrigerator. To keep cold brew fresh for a longer time, you can follow the expiry date printed on the can’s body. If you aim to keep them for a longer time, check the manufacturing date and select the newer cans.

No matter what cold brew you have for preservation, a fridge can give you the best result.

Can I drink day old nitro cold brew?

The answer to the question is divided into two parts, one part deals with canned nitro coffee and another part deals with opened nitro coffee. If you have bought a nitro cold brew can and preserved it for one day, it is safe to drink. Besides, this will preserve the authenticity of the nitro coffee taste.

If you pour the coffee liquid into an open glass, you have to drink it quickly. As soon as the nitro cold brew comes in contact with air, the oxygen of air reduces nitrogen effects – the microbubbles, special mouthfeel and smoothness. At one stage, nitro cold brew will become almost cold brew again.

If you want to store cold brew commercially made that is served from a container through a narrow pipe. You can follow the above strategy regarding cold brew opened from a can.

Can you save nitro cold brew for the next day?

Yes, you can preserve nitro cold brew for tomorrow. If you have a nitro coffee can, keep it in a fridge and simply enjoy it the next day. You can also preserve the nitro liquid out of the can and openly served nitro coffee at restaurants or make it at home in this way. But you will lose nitro coffee’s specialty in case it is kept in a normal air-penetrating pot.

Opened or out-of-can nitro coffee can be preserved longer than regular coffee if you prevent air from entering it.

Do you have to drink nitro cold brew right away?

After opening a nitro coffee can or being served at a restaurant from a big container, you have to drink it soon. This prompt drinking will lead you to enjoy the nitro coffee in its best condition. If you make it late, nitro coffee’s nitrogen effects (cascade, sweetness, foamy top layer, smooth mouthfeel, etc.) will not stay any longer.


Now you know how long does nitro cold brew last better than ever from our most authentic narration. If you wish to have your nitro cold brew for longer, check the container’s manufacturing expiry date. If it reaches almost its end, avoid it. Then find out the cans with very new manufacturing dates.

Also, remind our other factors to preserve cold brew for the longest duration. Be careful about the germs and bacteria contraction. In case you have homemade nitro coffee or opened nitro coffee, be conscious more about germ and oxidation.

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