Can You Use Whole Coffee Beans For Cold Brew?

So many coffee lovers have the question: can you use whole coffee beans for cold brew? But only a little part of them know the proper answer. Now we have a deep concentration on the question’s answer and are willing to reveal the actual scenario.

You can use entire coffee beans for preparing cold brew. Cold brew takes coffee bean particles of coarse size. With whole coffee beans, you can make it with a little more effort. But you will get less taste.

Let’s discover all about whole coffee bean usage for cold brew. We promise you won’t regret spending time with us.

Key facts behind a successful cold brew

Let’s try to understand some aspects regarding the best cold brew coffee. So that we can realize better the whole coffee bean usage in cold brew coffee.

Suitable coffee beans for cold brew

There are many types of beans like light roasted, medium roasted, and dark roasted. You can utilize any of the beans for making a cold brew. Use medium or dark roasted beans for better results.

The coarseness of the grounds

When you have your own beans, you must grind them. You must keep your beans in coarse (1mm) or extra coarse size (1.5mm) for cold brew. If you need to collect bean grounds, make sure they are accurate in size.

Steeping duration

Normally, all coffee beans take a huge duration of 12-24 hours. We suggest you steep for a moderate duration of 16-18 hours.

whole coffee beans for cold brew

Can you use whole coffee beans for cold brew: finalization

Making cold brew is a fantastic idea when you have no preground beans at your hand. Generally, cold brew takes an examination of cold brew lovers’ patients. Cold brew preparing with whole beans will take more patients. The unbroken beans will take a more extended time for the steeping period.

To get the best cold brew at home, cold brew lovers can try any beans in any form. So, go ahead with whole beans.

Getting all elements at hand

Before going to the direct stage of making a cold brew with whole beans, get the necessary elements together and near.

  • French Press coffee maker (optional)
  • Cup or jug for putting cold brew
  • Sugar (For those who love it)
  • Milk (Optional)
  • Ice (Depending on your fondness)
  • A flimsy and clean piece of cloth for filtration (in case you have not a coffee maker)
  • Room temperature water

Steps of making cold brew with whole beans

  1. Get a blank jar or coffee maker for keeping coffee beans.
  2. Pour water into the coffee bean-keeping jar or coffee maker.
  3. Wait for 2-3 days to let the extraction process complete.
  4. If you are using a jar, then filter the mixture through a flimsy piece of cloth.
  5. After the completion of filtration, your drink is ready to enjoy.

The quality of the whole bean-made cold brew

Cold brew coffee made with whole beans is good to taste. It is as fine as a regular cold brew. This smooth and refreshing cold brew is preservable in a fridge. You can quickly drink it after five-six days.

For whom the whole bean-made cold brew is suitable?

Those cold brew lovers have an intense attraction and enough time to prepare it; they can go for this method. No coffee is better unless it is made with the proper method. So a shorter time must not go for it because of its extra-long duration of 2-3 days.

whole bean-made cold brew

Should you try cold brew with whole beans regularly?

Due to the easy making of cold brew, a question may arise: may I regularly make cold brew using the following method? You can fix it if you can say time does not matter at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do you use ground or whole beans for cold brew?

Using coffee grounds is the best practice for preparing the cold brew. But the whole ground is also usable. Moreover, you have to wait for too long, which will bother you. Because cold brew making takes longer than regular hot coffee. Besides, the whole bean-made cold brew takes more time than a regular cold brew.

2. Do you have to grind beans for cold brew?

Grinding beans for cold brew is not necessary all the time. If you can manage preground beans from any sources, you can do the job quite easily. Just remember one thing, ground beans are more trustable considering freshness.

3. Can you use any coffee grind for cold brew?

No, you can not make a cold brew with any coffee grind. We suggest you use dark roasted coffee bean grind. These beans must be in coarse or extra coarse size. Dark roasted beans are those beans that are roasted at a level that their colors turn into dark blackish.

You must choose coarse or extra-coarse grounds from several sizes of bean grounds. In the actual measurement, they must be 1 mm or 1.5 mm.

4. What beans are best for cold brew?

No beans can give a better result than dark roasted beans. You can get various beans around you. Among them, which are roasted till they get a darker color, are the best for cold brew.

5. What is the difference between cold brew coffee beans and regular coffee beans?

Actually, we could hardly find anything dissimilar between cold brew beans and regular coffee beans. Different bean selection or necessity starts in later stages. Primarily you can choose any of these beans for regular coffee or cold brew coffee.

We will add a short note here, the darker the beans, the stronger the taste.

Final Thought

Cold brew making with whole beans is not a typical one. We have presented this article from our experience and consider it special. We have given you the most correct answer to the question: can you use whole coffee beans for cold brew?

So, we hope you can easily make a cold brew with whole beans. The whole implementation of the methods depends on you. Your cold brew is at your hand.

Please revise our content more times until you get clarification from it. However, if you are curious about cold brew making with whole coffee beans, let us know. Leave a comment or mail to us.

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