Do You Have To Grind Coffee Beans For Cold Brew Or Not?

Are you stuck making a decision on do you have to grind beans for cold brew or not? For a coffee lover, it’s fair to ask. There are ‍a lot of reasons to reveal why you should grind coffee beans when it’s cold brew. You will be amazed to know these.

Grinding beans for cold brew is not mandatory. But it is one of the top significant things to do for cold brew. Simply you can make cold brew with outsourced grounds. But to ensure the original taste, the option of grinding beans has hardly any alternative.

Through this content, we aim to assist with the necessity of grinding beans for cold brew. What can give you the best – is a little patience with some minutes. Let’s go into depth.

What own ground beans give more?

Since we have decided to grind coffee beans on our own, we must open the secrets behind it. After this, you will know why grinding beans is not mandatory but very near to mandatory. Let’s start!

own ground beans give more

Accurate taste

Why do most people love cold brew? Definitely, they do so for its superb taste. If you lose the taste, cold brew won’t contain the charm that it must have. Authentic cold brew lovers know this fact and want to have a delicious cold brew.

This great taste comes for a few reasons, and cold brew is one of the tops of them. The other reasons are ground size, grind duration, proper heat, and longer extraction process. So, we hope it is easily understandable for you to realize the taste’s emphasis.

Enough oil emission

To keep the oil extraction from coffee okay, you need to grind the beans on your own. This oil extracted from the beans has an impact on cold brew. You mustn’t ignore this oil emission.

Mindblowing aroma

From zero (0) to 15 minutes after the starting of the grinding process, the coffee beans lose 60% of their aroma. You can enjoy the coffee beans’ robust aroma twice by grinding beans. Firstly, during the grinding process, and secondly, during the coffee-making process.

To get the aroma during cold brew making and drinking, you have to preserve the grounds in an airtight jar. And don’t wait after grinding the beans. Put them as soon as possible in the jar.

Freedom to choose the best beans

You can get many kinds of coffee beans worldwide. Some of them are excellent such as Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, Hawaii Kona Coffee, Nicaraguan Coffee, etc. Also, you can taste them for any sort of coffee. You can not enjoy the different variations of coffee using one type of coffee beans.

When you have the grinding option, you can enjoy any coffee you like.

Proper size maintenance for cold brew

All coffee ground sizes are not fit for all sorts of coffee. Besides, some coffee makers use a variety of grounds. So, you need different types of coffee to fulfill the desire to enjoy various types of coffee.

Additionally, all family members may not like the same sort of coffee. You may need to entertain your guests with other variations of coffee that you don’t like. So, you can not deny the necessity of various sizes of coffee grounds.

Do you have to grind beans for cold brew: finalization

After taking the above-mentioned points under consideration, it is very obvious and clear that grinding beans is not mandatory. But very close to being obligatory. This obligation is not for all. We suggest you grind beans if you don’t want to lose at least a minimum level of cold brew’s originality.

How to grind coffee beans for cold brew

Take the beans, coffee grinder (whatever grinder you have), coffee grounds keeping pot, and the whole bean keeping pot. Now place the grinder on the countertop or on an open table. Pour the beans into the grinder. Set your desired size and press the start button.

If you have a small number of beans (around 100 grams or a bit more or less), you can grind them all together. But for more beans, you can grind them in two or more installments.

Make sure you have set the proper ground size (coarse or extra coarse) from your grinder’s setting. When you are making a cold brew, the size does matter.

A few must-follow cautions are – get your grinding place noise-free and properly tighten the grinder’s upper lid. If you find your grounds are uneven in size, pour all grounds in a boulter. Then separate the bigger size grounds. Grind them again.

Benefits of grinding beans own

When you grind beans for cold brew, you will get several special rewards. They are below

benefits of grinding beans own.

Control over beans

Whatever beans you have at your hand, you can try for a cold brew. Suppose you have got an excellent quality Nicaraguan coffee bean pack from your friend. It is so far so easy for you to grind and enjoy when you want to grind. If you collect or buy preground beans, you will not get this option.

Control over size

In case you love cold brew coffee and sometimes hot coffee, too, you need different bean sizes. If you use preground beans, you will just get one size. Grinding beans can meet all your ground-size needs.

Better taste

Grinding beans always ensure an authentic taste. You will know the actual difference in taste between preground and fresh ground beans if you grind them own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you grind beans for cold brew?

Since bean grinding depends on lots of matter, the answer to the question is highly relative. The most important relevant matters are grinder capacity, bean amount, size, quality, etc. On average, you may need to spend 8-9 seconds grinding 30 grams.

You can follow the user manual of the grinder to get more clarification from the grinder’s manufacturers.

How many beans should I grind for cold brew?

How many coffee beans you have to grind for cold brew is totally a relative matter. To make a cold brew for two people, you have to grind 20 grams of beans and 80-gram water following a 1:4 ratio. Per cup, 10 grams of coffee beans will be enough.

Different ratios and numbers of people will change your bean amount for grinding.

Can you brew cold brew with whole beans?

Yes, you can brew a fine cold brew using whole beans. This coffee will be as fine as a cold brew to taste. But it will take your patience to complete the full extraction time. You need 2-3 days for the extraction period.

We suggest you try it once when you have sufficient time to fulfill the steeping duration.

Does grinding coffee beans fresh make a difference?

The fresh grounds can make excellent coffee without compromising taste and aroma if you grind beans. This is better than any other preground coffee beans you buy or collect for regular coffee-making purposes.

What happens if you don’t grind coffee beans?

Without grinding beans on your own, you will deprive of authentic aroma and taste. What you must not want to lose as a coffee lover. Because preground beans may need to be packed more carefully to protect their authenticity.

No one will take care of you what you will do for yourself. There is no alternative to grinding beans to keep coffee quality.

Final Thought

We have described all about the necessity and outcomes of grinding cold brew. So, you must not have any doubt about the answer to the question, do you have to grind beans for cold brew?

You may find grinding beans boring if you are very new to cold brew or maintaining a busy life. But, you know, all things are not comparable to typical things. When you want to get something better, you have to invest some labor.

Being a super acceptable, refreshing, and more valuable version of coffee, cold brew takes a bit more labor and attention from you. Enjoy your cold coffee with your own ground beans.

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