Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Coffee – An In-depth Discussion

Old always gives place to the new. This is the law of nature. You can see the application of the law in everyday life. Like this, cold brew coffee is replacing hot coffee day by day. Consequently, cold brew vs. hot brew coffee is becoming a trending topic among coffee lovers. Now people love to compare these two. 

Cold brew and hot brew coffee are different in origin, making process, taste, popularity, availability, etc. Their variations also cover brewing methods, coffee-to-water ratio, usage of water type, expenses, strength, taste, acidity, health value, caffeine, antioxidants, etc. All these areas are particular and apparent; actually, there are more to expose.

As a coffee enthusiast, you won’t regret it giving us company for a few minutes. We will dive deep into the core of cold brew and hot brew coffee regarding different aspects.

Cold brew vs hot brew coffee – main aspects of comparison

Both coffee types are particular considering their purposes to be fulfilled to the consumers. So, we are presenting all broad to minimal aspects of cold brew coffee. 

Now we are carrying on discussion on following points.

  • Differences in definition and classification
  • Differences in the making process
  • Comparison of taste
  • Differences in serving stage
  • Diversity in health benefits
  • Invention and development
  • Micscellenous variance

Differences in definition and classification

In fact, many people get confused about identifying the proper coffee since there are a lot of coffee types. So, we are starting from the very beginning and that is from the definition so that one can identify both coffee benefits with literally zero knowledge. 

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is one of the latest trends in the vast coffee industry. This is so tasty, flavorful, low acidic and very tempting. After getting the cold water and coffee grounds in a pot, it starts extracting oil, aroma, taste and color, etc. This process is called brewing. Because of this cold water-based brewing method, this coffee is called cold brew coffee. 

What is hot brew coffee?

A method that uses hot water to extract all flavors, colors, tastes and oil from coffee beans is called hot brew coffee. It takes short time to complete the process. Hot-brewed coffee is the most spread and appealing worldwide. Since it has come first in the world and contains a lot of benefits it has become gain a broader range than cold brew coffee.

Diversity in classification

Cold brew coffee has been changed a lot over time. When it comes to a region or country, it got some modifications according to the drinking habit and culture of that region. Thus, you will find differences in the American, European and Indian cold brew coffee. Nitro coffee is the most recent diversity of cold brew coffee.

Hot coffee has some variations currently. Iced Coffee, Americano, Espresso, etc. are the famous branch of cold brew coffee. In every country, you will find some enrichment of hot brew coffee. People love iced coffee more during the summer due to its fantastic icy feeling. 

Here is a chart of the definitions and classifications of cold brew and hot brew coffee. Have a birds eye view to know their gist. 

SubjectCold brew coffeeHot brew coffee
DefinitionThe coffee is made in a cold water-based brewing method.Boiled water-based brewed coffee.
ClassificationThere are several cold brew coffee sorts.A remarkable number of hot coffee sorts are available now.
The most popular formNitro cold brew coffee.Iced coffee
AgeMore than 500 years.More than 600 years.

Differences in the making process

The process of cold brew and hot brew coffee deals with different elements and phases. Actually, this differentiation process creates the path for some more extra differences in the main element of cold brew and hot brew coffee. Let’s check them.

Brewing method

Cold brew coffee is made with cold water, used for separating aroma, oil, color, and the basic taste. For hot coffee, boiled water does the same job. Both hot and cold water makes the difference here.

Coffee bean and ground selection

All coffee beans are unsuitable for cold brew coffee. You may use any coffee bean but this cannot bring such a delightful taste. For this reason, cold brew coffee takes dark roasted coffee beans and hot brewed coffee takes light roasted or medium roasted beans. These beans are identical for both coffee types to serve their own purposes.

Coarse coffee ground is a prerequisite for cold brew coffee and acceptable coffee grounds are standard for hot brew coffee.

Coffee to water ratio

The ratios taken by the hot and cold brew coffee play an essential role in making these two’s different existence. Where cold brew coffee takes more coffee beans, hot brew coffee takes comparatively less coffee quantity. Generally, the hot brewing process requires coffee ratios like 1:14 or 1:16 (coffee to water amount) and the cold brewing method takes a 1:4 or 1:6 ratio.

The use of water type

For sure, you need typical cold and filtered water to make cold brew coffee. That means, what type of water you have and if it is pure enough to drink directly, you can use it for cold brew coffee. Contrarily, you have to boil water and then mix it with the coffee grounds.

Use of coffee makers

Nowadays cold brew makers are available in massive quantities as well as hot coffee makers. But you can make cold-brew coffee without a special maker. You just need a few things – a pitcher, coffee grounds, cold water and filter or a piece of cloth for filtration, etc. to make cold brew.

Let’s have a look at the comparison table on the main differences in making processes.

Subject to compareCold brewed coffeeHot brewed coffee
Necessary coffee beansDark roasted coffee beans.Light or medium roasted beans.
Choosing proper coffee groundsCoarse coffee grounds can bring the best result.Fine or medium-fine coffee ground is almost fixed. 
Use of water typeCold or room temperature water.Boiled (hot) water.
Use of coffee makerOptional Obligatory. 
Use of coffee to water ratioNeeds heavier coffee grounds taking ratio e.g. 1:4 or 1:6.Needs water ratios like 1:14 or 1:16 which takes a lower amount of coffee grounds.
Extraction duration12 hours for a minimum and 16 -18 hours for a moderate and 24 or more for the maximum.  It will take 3/4 minutes to complete the extraction process. 
Making time12 hours to 24 hours.4/5 minutes are enough for preparing hot coffee.
Arrangement of makingTakes a little arrangement with or without a coffee maker.Requires a larger arrangement. 
A table of differentiation between cold brew and hot brew coffee-making process

Comparison of taste

Since cold brew and hot brew differentiate in the making process; ingredients, and other subsidiary elements ‍and process, both coffee types bring different tastes. There are separated lovers of cold brew coffee and hot brewed coffee as well as common lovers.


Cold brew is the symbol and testimony of the coffee’s originality. The use of no heat makes aids it in  remaining natural and authentic. Contrariwise, heat damages the quality of hot coffee elements and thus it loses the authenticity of taste. 


Many people occasionally suffer from acidity but love to enjoy cold brew coffee. Here both coffee sorts produce acidity but cold brew coffee is noteworthy for its amazing low acidity production. Many people complain about acidity because they face the issue whenever they taste them. 

More people have found acidity issues with cold brew coffee. Complain against cold brew coffee is very low. This issue will differ from person to person according to the health condition.


Cold brew coffee is more potent than hot coffee. Since cold brew coffee takes more coffee grounds and a longer steeping duration to be prepared, it possesses more strength. On the other hand, hot brew coffee produces a weaker type of coffee due to its lesser coffee ground uses. 


Hot coffee can be bitter with more hot water while cold brew coffee reduces bitterness and brings the actual taste. Cold brew coffee offers more – you can add water to dilute it if you find it bitter or strong, which is impossible for hot brew coffee. You need to be more careful when brewing hot coffee.

Check the crucial differences of making from the above chart.

SubjectCold brew coffeeHot brew coffee
Genuinity of tasteFully authentic and originalSomewhat damaged
AcidityLow higher
BitternessLess bitter than othersCan be bitter than others

Differences in serving stage

The coffee serving stage is the most vital stage to enjoy a pleasant shot of cold brew coffee. This stage can change or damage the coffee dramatically. 


Both the coffee offers opportunities to add additives. You can have milk, sugar syrup, multiple flavors and chocolates with these coffee sorts. You can add any nutritional additives as per your fondness in both coffee.

Only cold brew is okay to accept ice cubes. However, hot coffee does not allow ice in it. However, you can have an iced or cold coffee made from hot coffee. This is the best example of hot coffee additives.


Who loves cold brew coffee at its bare stage can enjoy it fairly just after the extraction. Sometimes, this concentration stage might not be helpful for you and here, you can dilute it by adding water. 

Let’s check the differences between cold-brewed and hot-brewed coffee serving stages and processes.

Subject Cold brew coffeeHot brew coffee
Dilution with waterYou can make the new coffee concentrate weaker if you wish. There is no dilution stage at hot coffee. 
Mixing additivesIce is a must-have additive. Besides, you can use milk, sugar, flavor, and chocolate or something you like.You can’t use ice with hot coffee; instead, you can add sugar, milk, chocolate or other flavors. 
Serving timeCan be enjoyed after a considerable delay.You have to serve hot coffee instantly after making.
A chart that shows cold and hot brewed coffee serving differences

Diversity of health benefits

Cold brew and hot brew coffee are advantageous but not equally for all. Besides, it is not a cure for diseases. This can be alleviative for some health issues in general. 

On the other hand, hot coffee is also beneficial for all commonly. Based on some basic health conditions, this benefit varies from person to person. Let’s clarify them.


What causes the most benefits of cold brew coffee or other coffee – is caffeine. Cold brew coffee produces more caffeine than all other coffee. This is because it takes more coffee powder to be prepared.

Hot brew coffee can produce a lower amount of caffeine. This is the best coffee substance, leading to various health benefits. 


Cold brew coffee produces a significant amount of antioxidants. This is primarily attributed to some health benefits like inflammation resistance, Alzheimer’s, chronic diseases, eye health and skin improvements, etc.

You will find a less important role of antioxidants to cause benefits regarding hot brew coffee. But You can neither rule out the role of hot coffee nor count it seriously.


Cold brew coffee helps to improve the hydration system of the body. That keeps the water supply of the body sound. Hot brew coffee is less active in balancing this hydration process.

Weight balance

Coffee can be an excellent medium to keep your weight balanced. Sound health is a crucial fact of human life. Cold coffee without sweeteners can play an essential role in your weight balance task. 

Hot coffee is a crucial fact in getting and keeping sound health. Those who aim to lose or balance weight will certainly love hot coffee. 

Let’s check two sorts of coffee health benefits at a glance.

SubjectCold brewed coffeeHot brewed coffee
Presence of caffeineLarger quantity than other coffeeLower in quantity
Antioxidant propertiesPossesses more antioxidants that lead to gain more health benefits.Contains a lower amount of antioxidants that cause lower benefits.
HydrationPlays important role in hydration.Keeps a minor role in hydration.
Weight balanceHelps to balance or lose weight.Less assistive to weight balance.
The chart shows the differences between cold and hot brew coffee

Be careful of the two coffee; both can cause severe and sudden health damage due to excessive consumption.

Invention and development

In the 16th century, according to authentic sources, cold brew coffee got its origin in Japan. There is a debate on the fixation of the origin country between Japan and the Netherlands. The Japanese have strong and the Dutch have a lower credible demand.

However, the verdict goes to Japan. Later it was spread to the rest parts of the world  through various events and cultural and financial transactions. Its highest development is traced during the first and second decades of the 21st century.

Hot brew coffee was invented in Ethiopia in the 15th century by a shepherd. Later, it spread to Yemen and nearby countries. In the 16th century, it spread to Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Persia, etc., Europe, America, and the rest.

Let’s look at the innovation and development differences between cold brew and hot brew coffee. 

Subject of comparisonCold brew coffee Hot brew coffee
InventorNo specific person is identifiableKaldi, a goat shepherd
Invention eventNo specific event is found behind cold brew coffee.Once a cowboy saw some goats eat some plants and become energetic. Thus he got the idea of coffee.
Origin countryJapanEthiopia
Time of invention16th-century15th-century
ExpansionGot vast expansion in the 21st century.Traceable spread in the 19th century.
Invention and development differences of cold brew coffee

Miscellaneous variance

There are some separate points of variations of the main subjects – two coffee types. Have a look at these to gather something new about coffee. 


You have to spend several bucks more to enjoy the cold brew coffee. Various shops in the world will demand different costs for a cup of cold brew coffee. On average, you have to spend $6 in the USA. In India, you need to spend $4 or something more or less. 

You can get hot coffee at a lower price. Depending on the place, the standard of coffee and shop and the price may vary. Where the USA offers a shot of hot coffee at an average of $2, India offers it at less than 1 dollar.


Both coffee types are available in various shops near you in the whole USA. Europe has also stretched the path for cold brew in the late 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. You can even get them in Asia and Latin America so quickly.

Hot coffee is available worldwide unquestionably in both first-world countries or third-world countries.


There are enormous advantages for cold brew lovers regarding its preservation. You can put it safe for an extended duration, like 3/4 days in normal conditions and up to one week with the original taste or more in a refrigerator.

On the other hand, hot coffee is preservable for a short duration. You can only keep it safe for a couple of minutes. Yes, iced coffee, an extension of hot brew coffee can be stored for longer.


Cold brew coffee’s latest craze is highly remarkable. But hot brew coffee has been capable for centuries of retaining its popularity at a certain level. One of the best reasons for hot coffee is – it is makable in the shortest possible time. 

You can have a look at the miscellaneous differences at a glance from the above table.

SubjectCold brew coffee Hot brew coffee
Cost Bit higher than hot coffee.Cheaper than cold brew coffee.
StoringCan be stored longer.Almost not storable.
AvailabilityLargely available in all countries.Extensively available in the entire world.
PopularityThe latest and increasing coffee craze.Continuously popular worldwide.
Normal preservationOkay for 3/4 days.Acceptable for 1 or two minutes with high heat.
Fridged preservationOne week is okay with the original taste.No direct option is available for cold brew to keep in a fridge. Iced coffee can be preserved in a refrigerator.

Though the discussion can be continued too long with our title, we just covered the areas we need to know about in everyday life with coffee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is cold brew coffee dangerous?

Commonly, cold brew coffee is not dangerous at all. Drinking cold brew coffee with some health issues can lead cold brew coffee to cause something serious to health. It may cause a rise in allergies, dehydration (if you are facing the problem earlier), Clostridium botulinum (a kind of toxin production that can cause serious issues in the stomach or other body parts) and some other diseases. 

One thing to mention significantly, all possibilities of these diseases are not sure to happen for all. Only a few percentage of cold brew drinkers face these sorts of problems. If you are facing any serious health issues, get in touch with a doctor.

Why do people prefer cold brew coffee?

Though are many versions of coffee are available, cold brew coffee has special appeal for its identical characteristics. People like cold brew coffee more than other coffee for its rich flavor, delicious taste, great refreshing capability, extra caffeine, less acidity, more health benefits, etc.

Is cold brew easier on your stomach than hot coffee?

Being less acidic, smooth, flavorful and digestive, the stomach can easily process cold brew. Contrarily, hot brew coffee is more acidic, less digestive and contains fewer health benefits, So, we verdict that, cold brew coffee is good for the stomach.

Is cold brew stronger than Americano?

Cold brew coffee is undoubtedly stronger than Iced Americano and Americano coffee. While Iced Americano or Americano coffee is made in a normal hot brew-making process and ice is added later, cold brew is made with cold water and more coffee grounds. And the final comes as a stronger one from cold brew and a weaker one from both Americano coffee.


Through our article “Cold brew vs. hot brew coffee – an in-depth discussion” we just have tried to reach you with a detailed comparative discussion. Neither cold brew coffee nor hot brew coffee is preferable blindly. Continue your journey with coffee according to your preferences you want to get from coffee. 

This article will only reveal the veiled or disguised benefits of cold brew or hot brew coffee. This exposure to benefits will make you more confident to go for your desired coffee. However, we hope it has enriched your coffee knowledge.

“Nothing can defeat a perfect shot of cold brew on a hot day.” With this famous saying, keep aside all the debates and doubts, enjoy cold brew and ensure desired freshness. 

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