How To Bottle And Sell Cold Brew Coffee – The Ultimate Guide

Cold brew coffee is not only a popular drink, it has also earned popularity for its business opportunities. Even many people have chosen the cold brew coffee business and forwarding their careers in this field. If you are interested in cold brew bottling and its marketing, we will assist you significantly. 

After making cold brew, go for pasteurization. Then, insert it in bottles. Next, keep the bottles in a fridge. Properly pasteurized cold brew reduces the importance of keeping cold brew in cool conditions. Now, you must set some effective and modern marketing plans. Finally, the proper execution of your marketing plan will result in a good amount of sales. 

Let’s have a look at the detailed ways of bottling and selling cold brew coffee. Get ready to discover the secrets. Stay tuned!

What is bottled cold brew coffee?

Cold brew is made normally to bottle it. After making cold brew successfully with beloved coffee ground and room temperature water, it is bottled. This sort of cold brew is one of the latest forms of coffee. 

Instead of consuming cold brew at once, many people love to store cold brew coffee for the future. In this perspective, bottled cold brew coffee has emerged. Along with the commercial producers some individual cold brew producers store it in bottles to drink cold brew in the future.

Also, increasing public demand for cold brew has created the path of the cold brew business. The cold brew businessmen are taking this opportunity to broaden their business with large-scale production. 

Is there any need of bottling cold brew at all?

We are too busy in our modern life. But we can not give up some of the things of everyday life. There can be so many reasons why you should preserve cold brew in bottles. These depend on person to person. 

If you want to drink cold brew after a certain period of making it, you must store it in bottles. Actually, the best storing methods deal with bottles. There are some options from which you can choose a suitable one. 

How to bottle cold brew coffee?

Cold brew bottling process deals with many steps. Though the number of steps is high, it is easily manageable.  Here we are describing them orderly. All these will lead you to the ultimate bottling and selling of cold brew. Understand them carefully and so that you can apply them successfully.

Arranging materials

At first: you need to get all cold brew-making materials at hand. Arrange the items for making cold brew uninterruptedly – 

  • Coffee grounds (choose your beloved one)
  • Normal water (water at 20°C or 68°F)
  • Filter
  • Funnel
  • Pitcher
  • Refrigerator (broad enough to hold cold brew containers)

Then collect bottling elements. 

  • Bottles (plastic or glass)
  • Corks (if the bottles are not equipped with corks)
  • Funnel (for pouring cold brew through it)

Then get ready for pasteurization. This is an optional step. If you wish to pasteurize cold brew for longer, collect the full instrumental setup to complete the process. 

In spite of having the desire to consume cold brew at a personal level, you might need the pasteurization process. 


You must be very careful to ensure sterilization of the whole process and elements. To do so, you have to sterilize the bottles, corks, funnel and other elements. Without this step, you will never ensure the original shelf life of cold brew. 

If you bottle cold brew without ensuring disinfection, it will lead to damage to the cold brew taste, color and lifespan. 

  • To disinfect, buy a sanitizer or anything liquid that serves the purpose.
  • Disinfect your hand at first.
  • Then sanitize the bottles and corks. 
  • Take the cold brew maker container or pitcher to sterilize it.
  • Now take the funnel to disinfect it.
  • Wear gloves
  • Disinfect the areas where you may put your cold brew, bottles and corks.

If you miss any of the above steps, this can cause a decrease in the shelf line and a threat to health.

Choosing the right cold brew ratio

Before making cold brew, you have to choose the right ratio. The wrong ratio will decrease cold brew’s taste and appeal. For this reason, proper ratio selection will make your drink popular. If you have any doubt about ratios, trying several ratios at first will be so good for you.

If you want to sell cold brew after bottling, you have to choose the most common ratio of cold brew so that most people like it. Otherwise, you might have to choose several ratios for different types of people. 

There is one more way to attract the audiences; based on your capacity, you may have cold brew made with several ratios. There people will have an opportunity to choose the favourite one. 

Choosing the right bottles or jar

There are several types of bottles in which you can store cold brew. But all these bottle types are not fit for all purposes. Some bottles are good for a few days of storing, some for a few weeks and some for the longest duration of five to six months. 

There are two major types of bottles and one single jar type available for cold brew storage. They are –

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Jars or pitchers

Where do the glass bottles serve best?

Glass bottles are perfect as cold brew storing container. If you want the maximum storage duration, glass bottles are the perfect way for you. The elements that made glass bottles are very supportive to store cold brew longer. It has no side effects and makes no chemical reactions.

When you are holding a small family of a few members and wish to drink cold brew even after long time, this storage method can be effective for you. This can also be helpful when you have a bigger family and want to store a larger amount for the future. 

Cold brew storing using this option will lead you to the higher expenses. It will be high relatively than others. You will also have several options for glass bottles. Select what exactly matches your need.

Where to use plastic bottles?

You can use plastic bottles for bottling cold brew coffee for a medium shelf life, shorter than glass bottles but longer than common jars, jugs or pitchers. There are two types of plastic bottles – normal plastic bottles and food-grade plastic bottles.

Normal plastic bottles are not so good for cold brew storing. These are reactive to other water or other liquids. For this reason, your cold brew will be damaged after a period or time.

There is a kind of plastic bottles that keep food items as same as the original. These are also BPA and synthetic free. This is why these plastic bottles ensure the safe storage of cold brew.

Plastic bottle-based storage can bring super fine results when you do not need the longest shelf life of cold brew but extend it to a smaller level.

Considering the price, this option will take the second highest expenses. Plastic bottles will be available in several categories too. You need to pick one wisely.

Where to use a normal jar or pitcher?

If you are going to store cold brew for a couple of days only, a normal jar or pitcher is secured enough to store cold brew. When you have more people at a time and need to preserve cold brew for a few days only, normal container-based storage can help you a lot. You just have made cold brew and the amount exceeds your normal drinking. Now, you can store it in a pitcher or jar. 

This option will not take huge expenses or sometimes will take no expenses. Since it remains in your hand. You have purchased it previously for another purpose. You may need to buy several pitchers for larger cold brew quantity. But, one thing you must careful about bottled cold brew coffee, it can be go bad, if you don’t take the right steps to preserve it.

Making cold brew coffee

After choosing the proper bottles and collecting all ingredients, the making steps come at hand. This is one of the challenging parts of the whole process. Let’s accept the challenge!

Make cold brew following your desired coffee grounds, filtered water and the best ratio you enjoy. Get all the elements in a pitcher or jar. Mix them properly with a stir. Keep the pot idle for 12 hours at least and up to 24 hours. After the completion of the extraction duration. It’s better to keep your cold brew during extraction. 

Mixing additives or not?

Cold brew can be so delicious with additives. The inclusion of these additives will definitely increase your coffee taste but reduces its lifespan. There are also some conditions on the additives – some reduce the cold brew shelf line significantly and some at a lower level. 

Remember, no additive can keep the original shelf life the same. You have to choose one option – cold brew with or without additives. 

Individual preservation of cold brew

If you are willing to store cold brew for your own consumption, this will take you to follow some easy steps. Choose the bottles from the above criteria. Fill them with cold brew and store them in the refrigerator. 

If you wish, you can add preservatives and additives. Finally, pasteurization is an option that is expensive but effective in increasing shelf life. 

Storing cold brew for commercial purposes

When it comes to storing cold brew for commercial purposes, it means a lot of attempts to be done. Stay worry-free and follow our steps for the commercialization of cold brew coffee. 

Use of preservatives or not

More or less most of the cold brew producers use preservatives for cold brew bottling. This depends totally on you – wheather you will use preservatives in cold brew or not. Because the preservatives can also reduce cold brew quality. 

Should you go for pasteurization or not

Pasteurization takes cold brew to remain well for a longer duration. It is a sterilization process that works by heating and destroying microorganisms of a food item. It is a process by which you have to heat your liquid at 161 degrees Fahrenheit for less than 15 seconds and cool it again by the quick cooling method. 

Pasteurization arrangement is not so easy to avail at an individual level. You can have a setup for pasteurization only when you have aimed for commercial production of cold brew and its marketing. Individuals may feel the expenses as a burden. 

Pasteurization ensures health benefits and longer storage. Sometimes it decreases the original taste of cold brew. 

Pasteurization step by step

The easiest pasteurization deals with the Sous Vide Wand. After making the main coffee liquid, you have to collect some sous vide bags. Fill them with cold brew coffee and tighten their entry path. Set the sous vide wand timer to 25 minutes and the temperature to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. 

For the whole 25 minutes, you must have a temperature above 175 degrees. Once you finish the process, wait untill the temperature reaches a normal room temperature level. 

Do you need refrigeration after pesturization?

When pasteurization ends successfully, there is no need to fridging your cold brew. It will last for the maximum. However, you can keep cold brew in a fridge, it will be safe for storing and drinking. 

How to sell cold brew coffee?

Here comes the most important part how to sell cold brew. Af first, you have to set some marketing strategies and plans. Then you need to move according to your plan. All the parts of your plan should cover modern marketing strategies as well as personal exclusive ideas. 

There are a lot of marketing strategies so newbies may be puzzled. Don’t worry, we are here to assist you in removing worries and choosing the right path for cold brew marketing.

Getting certification

To sell cold brew in the local market, you have to get permission from your local, state or national authority. According to the regulation of your state, get the proper authorization. Depending on some conditions, the state authority may take and test the sample in their lab.

Getting authorization can be different from state to state. Therefore you need to go through the proper ways of your respective state. 

Labelling bottles

Setting labels for bottles of cold brew should be done wisely. Labels should have a good color combination, attractive design and proper information. Also, don’t forget to highlight the uniquel features of your products. 

You can go for reputed label designers to ensure the best labelling for your newly launched brand. This may cost slightly higher, but surely bring something special for you. 

Choosing attractive bottles

When it comes to the time of choosing a bottle, you must choose attractive bottles.  Some designs of bottles must take customers’ attention and influence them to buy. You will even find a great fondness for bottle in the young and the adults too.

So, choosing good bottles for storing can increase your cold brew attractiveness greatly. 

Branding on the label

Develop a brand value day by day. Your label will be that brand identity. Present all information like an established brand. Bottles labels should be the unique symbol of your brand. 

Info on the label

Highlight all information about the cold brew so that customers have no questions about it. You must cover all ingredients, nutrition elements and other facts. This will win the heart of all types of people, even who are meticulous.

Choosing a good brand name

Before starting your cold brew selling, you have to select a superb brand name. This will be your one of the success keys. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and will easily be stored in people’s hearts. You can not imagine How a brand name can accelerate your business growth.

Making brand pages on social media

Social media is very close to man in the whole world. Actually, these are the most significant key of marketing in the modern era. You must have accounts with your brand name on every social media popular in your country. 

Create all social media pages with the help of experts so that it shows full professionalism. Next, you need to have attractive banners, posters and cover photos. After that, post daily on social media describing your product quality, speciality, and price range. Various social media will offer you a wide range of advanced features. All these will ease your task.

Conducting daily activities on social media

When you have the pages ready, run some activities on your page for brand promotion. You may run some paid campaigns. I you do not want to expend money here, you might get low engagement in other ways. 

There is a huge advantage to daily social media activities. It brings organic reaches and customers. 

Grab the local market

If you want to sell cold brew in a targeted area, not the whole country. Even you can always prioritise local marketing. You have to get some coverage from local social media. 

Highlighting the quality and special aspects of cold brew

Some expert baristas can make a special cold brew with a slightly different but attractive coffee quality. If you have one or a few like them, you must reveal them. People will see this and treat your cold brew as a special one. This can be one of the best weapons of marketing for your coffee. 

Participating in coffee events, seminars and discussions

Participating in coffee expos, seminars and other related events will increase your chance to expose your brand, product and quality. These can be a great option for a new brand to grow up. 

These events especially give opportunities to newcomers. If you can utilize such events, your brand will be more valuable and receive public recognition. 

Sponsoring coffee seminars and events

Sponsoring can be one of the best strategies that can bring immense success to your newly launched coffee business. By sponsoring an event or a seminar, you will earn recognition from the community within a short time. This has two plus points, one is you are knocking on the genuine coffee lovers and the event organizers will promote you during the event and its campaign.

On-time order delivery

Physical product based all modern businesses have ensured on-time online delivery. So, you must have the online order receiving and delivering capacity. Generally, customers do not like to wait much in their very busy times. Reach them quickly with product.

You want to generate good sales you have to meet up the timely online delivery. For this, you may contact the regular courier service providers or develop your own delivery system. 

Expose all quality

All customers love to know products’ quality before purchasing it. It can be covered on labels, leaflets, campaigns and all other marketing ways. Thus the customers will be attracted to cold brew effortlessly. 

Maintaining proper coffee quality

The proper quality of your cold brew can be the biggest marketing weapon for your cold brew. If a customer gets the proper quality, he will be your costless marketing agent. She/he will certainly share the fantastic coffee experience with family and friends. Thus, you will get free circulation of your product without any cost.

Remember, you may be down with anything else, but not with quality cold brew. 

Getting feedback from the customers

Customers are the most important for a business. You have to get feedback from the customers – how much they are enjoying cold brew and service. Whenever you get something dissatisfactory, you have to take steps to solve the problem. 

Sometimes you can try to get direct feedback from the customers. Here you can take customers’ opinions directly when they come to your shop and drink cold brew. Otherwise, you can set up a Facebook page and ask for customers’ opinions about your product. 

Also, you can provide your web or social media page address to the customers through leaflets, posters or writing the address on the product logo.

Maintaining a Youtube channel

All modern marketing strategies include Youtube marketing. You have to make a professional Youtube channel and maintain it properly. You must upload videos about your product, coffee making, recipes, products and all other uploads. 

Final words

There are remarkable varieties in cold brew bottling and selling. To be a successful maker of cold brew and later sell it, you must be accurate in your plan and its executions. You need the proper combination of realistic plans and actions to make your success story. 

You have to take great care about cold brew making, ration selecting, pasteurizing, and bottling and marketing policies. All the steps of these phases will lead to the ultimate success. 

Through our composition, we have tried to teach you how to bottle and sell cold brew coffee step by step. It will be our greatest pleasure if you can learn from us and apply the knowledge in your real-life actions. Please inform us if we can assist you in this perspective in any way.

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