How Much Coffee Grounds To Use For Cold Brew?

Many people make their beloved cold brew as an average one or below expectation. Because they need to know how much coffee grounds to use for cold brew. As well as they need more knowledge on how much coffee beans to use for cold brew. Plus, many people are thinking about regular coffee beans suitable for cold brew coffee. If you are one of them or have been mistaken in cold brew making, we are going to help you a lot.

Let’s reveal the coffee ground and bean measurement secrets.

The ground amount needed for cold brew depends on – your preference for coffee taste and the coffee amount. You can set a 1:6 or 1:8 ratio of coffee and water per your taste. If you choose the first ratio, you have to take 10 grams of coffee grounds and 60 ml of water.

Hereafter we will tell you the necessary coffee ground amount for a perfect cup of cold brew every time. We are sharing our years of experience in coffee grounds and bean measurement.

Why do you meter coffee grounds and beans for cold brew?

Coffee grounds can provide superb flavor and taste when you can use them at an ideal level. It will be less robust if you use less coffee than it needs. If you use more coffee grounds, it will be stronger, and using one time more ground will make your coffee bitter.

measure coffee grounds and beans for cold brew

Coffee bean measurement is also essential to avoid wastage, storing problems, ‍and enjoying fresh grounds. If you make a wrong attempt to measure the beans, you may suffer from all of these or a few of them.

Since we weigh coffee beans and grounds for different purposes, they are quite different from each other. We have created two sections for each so that you can understand them easily without confusion.

While we measure coffee grounds, we aim to make coffee and we measure beans for grinding. The main purposes of each differ.

How much coffee grounds to use for cold brew – measuring

The amount of coffee grounds needed for cold brew depends on some facts. You must take these under consideration. They are –

How many people are you making coffee for?

If you need to make a cold brew for one person, which amount you will need must not be enough for more people.

Suppose you have to make coffee for two people and like 1:4 ratio. To make coffee with the mentioned ratio, you must take 20 grams of coffee grounds and 80 ml of water. Take half of each element if you want to make a cold brew for one person.

What ratio do you like?

As cold brew is highly related to the most refreshing and original taste, you must measure the coffee amount correctly. Otherwise, you will lose the best value of cold brew. Generally, a 1:6 or 1:8 ratio is entirely okay for the maximum number of people.

Actually, the whole matter depends on you – how strong or less strong cold brew you like. For the stronger cold brew liker, a 1:4 ratio or even 1:2 may be suitable. While less strong coffee likers may find a 1:8 ratio better.

Are you using preground beans?

When you are using preground beans for cold brew, a lot of options are at your hand. You have to be more careful about them because all the beans are different from the new ground fresh beans.

pre-ground beans

Some may need to use a little more or less amount. This may happen because of bean quality, including roasting, darkness, and coarseness.

For some beans, you may find them as you want them. You need to use them like fresh grounds in cold brew making.

Considering coffee bags

For easy cold brew making, you can use some preground and paper-packed coffee bags. The usage of these bags is very easy. Take water into a jug or jar, then dip the coffee ground bag in it. Wait for 12 hours or more. You can keep the jar in a fridge. It’s an optional step.

“Trying for cold brew without knowing how much coffee grounds to use is almost an irrecoverable mistake.”

James Ethan, An famous American barista.

The final step of measuring coffee grounds

Before measuring the coffee grounds, keep gathering things near your hand. They are –

  • Cups
  • Pot or container for measuring coffee beans
  • Weight machine

First, fix your preferred ratio. Then start measuring using the above elements.

When you have to make a cold brew for a bigger number of people, you may use a cup for measurement. Though there is no alternative to a weight machine to get the actual amount. For a few people, it’s far better to use a weight machine for appropriate measurement.

Now, measure the blank pot or container’s weight and subtract it from the later total measurement (weight of pot and coffee beans). Open the jar where you put your grounds, pour the grounds, and place the pot on the weight machine.

Tighten the main coffee bean jar to prevent air access. And do it for the final amount-keeping-pot if you make it late to make cold brew. That’s it; your beans are prepared to make cold brew.

Precautions to follow before coffee grounds measurement

  • Don’t pour the coffee grounds directly from the main jar. You may make a mess with coffee grounds by pouring excessive amounts. It’s far better to use a spoon for it.
  • Make sure your jar or pots are dry. Wet pots will keep some coffee grounds on their surface.
  • If you have wet pots, dry them with small clothes pieces or keep them in the air until they dry.
  • Your spoons should also be dry. Both spoon and pot will increase your household task.
  • Don’t use paper or paper-like substance-made pots. These elements will make your grounds less effective.

How much coffee beans to use for cold brew

Before metering the amount of coffee beans, we have to keep some important facts in mind. They are the number of people, ratio, whether you use preground beans or not, usage of coffee bags, wastage during grinding, etc.

how much coffee beans to use for cold brew

When you have your beans at hand, you have to grind them. There comes the point of wastage. Depending on your grinder, you may lose a few grams of coffee grounds. The grounds will be spread on the bean hopper and the surface where you put your grinder.

Suppose you are grinding beans for ten people to make 10 cups of cold brew. Besides, you have chosen a 1:4 coffee-to-water ratio. Here you need 10 grams of coffee grounds to use in 40 ml of water. So, for ten people, you need 100 grams of coffee beans.

If you make cold brew with a different ratio and more or less number of people, the coffee bean quantity will be changed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ratio of grounds to water for cold brew?

Maintaining a ratio of grounds and water is a prerequisite of delicious cold brew making. You can use a 1:8 or 1:6, or even 1:4 ratio for a tasty cold brew. Just remember, the smaller the difference of ratio elements, the stronger the taste you will have.

How many tablespoons of coffee should I use for cold brew?

If you are making coffee with a standard-size cup, add two tablespoons of coffee grounds with that one cup of water is ideal.

Does cold brew coffee use more grounds?

People love cold brew for its stronger and more authentic taste. Adding more ground ensures the taste. The bean amount used for cold brew is often double compared to regular coffee.

How much coffee do you use for 4 cups of cold brew?

For preparing cold brew, we can use various ratios of water to coffee. You can use a 1:4 ratio for a stronger taste, while 1:6 or 1:8 will give you a less robust taste. If we choose a 1:4 ratio ‍and want to make coffee for one person, we can follow the below steps.

A standard American cup can contain a liquid of 240 ml or 8.5 ounces. You should add 192 ml of water and 48 grams of coffee beans in a mixture to get a full cup of coffee. For four cups of coffee, we need 192 grams of coffee beans and 768 ml of water.

In some exceptional cases, 8 ounces or 250 ml is also correct for a cup’s liquid-containing capacity.

How do you calculate cold brewing ratio?

If you are using a cup that can contain 8 ounces of liquid (227 ml of water), you can calculate the ratio below. Take 45.4 grams of coffee grounds and 186.4 ml of water to maintain a 1:4 ratio.

Thus you can calculate other ratios easily.


As a cold brew lover, none can ignore the importance of knowing how much coffee grounds to use for cold brew. We have revealed the secrets of coffee grounds and bean usage in the cold brew making most authentically.

We strongly believe that you have learned the facts and considerations of cold brew, as we have presented it most skillfully. Though other essential facts also play a vital role in actual cold brew making, this coffee ground metering will complete your half job.

After tasting several ratios, you will surely get the lovely one. Make your day finer with a cold brew prepared by following our guide!

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