How To Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee At Home: A Full DIY Guide

Are you obsessed with making nitro cold brew incorrectly at home? But still miss the alluring mouthfeel of nitro coffee that you have tried at a coffee shop. Our guide on how to make nitro cold brew coffee at home will lead you to become a successful nitro coffee maker. Whatever your nitro coffee experience is, you need not be stuck at any stage of nitro coffee making.

Make a superbly delicious cold brew at your home or purchase it from a nearby shop. Add water to the cold brew to dilute it. Then put it in a whipping siphon or cream whipper. Next, charge the cold brew container with a nitrous oxide cartridge. Then shake the whipper for a few minutes. Your nitro coffee is ready to drink.

Our guide is so straightforward to learn that you need to read less or get help from others to make awaited nitro coffee. So, give us a few minutes, don’t waste your time anywhere else.

Making nitro cold brew at home by doing easy steps

Do you have experience in making cold brew before? If you answer positively, your job is almost half done. If you are very new to nitro coffee or even cold brew, you need not worry. We are providing the most straightforward guides for you.

nitro cold brew at home.

We are describing the way from the very beginning, which means from the cold brew making since nitro coffee comes from cold brew coffee. If you have already made the cold brew or purchased it from anywhere else, please ignore the cold brew-making steps.

If you are also new to the cold brew-making process or interested to learn cold brew authentically, please have a look at our compact cold brew making guide.

What you need at hand to make nitro coffee

As the very fast step of making nitro cold brew, you need to collect the elements and keep them in your hand.

  • Coarse coffee grounds (if you have coffee beans, you need a coffee grinder)
  • Normal cool water in a container
  • Pitcher or jar
  • Filter or flimsy cloth pieces for filtration
  • Whipping Siphon or Cream Whipper
  • Nitrous oxide cartridge or complete keg system for nitrogen injection, etc. (if you don’t prefer to use Cream Whipper)

Making cold brew

Make cold brew in a typical way. If you have preground coffee beans, take somewhat from it. If not, you need to grind the beans first. Then follow the significant steps described below.

To get an accurate measurement, you need to take almost 8 oz or around 38 grams of coffee and 189 ml of water for a standard American coffee cup. A note to be added, this measurement is according to a 1:6 ratio.

If you like a more robust coffee, you have to change the coffee ground and water quantity as per the ratio. In case you like a lighter cold brew, take 1:8 or a higher ratio of coffee to water.

To make coffee for more than one person, multiply the coffee ground and water quantity by the number of people.

Adding water to cold brew

When your cold brew is in your hand, you need to add some water to the liquid. Since your cold brew is highly concentrated, it will not work well with nitrogen. So, by adding some water, dilute it to get a better nitrous oxide reaction.

adding water to cold brew

Infusing nitrogen in cold brew

After completing the cold brew making or collecting it from as a premade source, you need to infuse nitrogen. You can infuse nitrous oxide in the cold brew in two ways.

Firstly, you can buy a complex and bit expensive keg system. This is suitable for a larger amount of nitrogen infusion for a larger amount of nitro coffee. This is better for a coffee shop or restaurant.

Secondly, inexpensively, you can buy a cream whipper or whipping siphon. For personal use on a smaller scale, whipping siphon is best.

Now it’s your turn to infuse nitrogen. If you use a full restaurant-like setup, you just need to take your cold brew close to the infusing keg. And then press the injecting button.

For a whipping siphon, you have to insert the cold brew liquid into the whipping siphon or creamer. Then use a nitrous oxide cartridge to charge the whipping siphon. Shake it for some time, then put your cold brew glass close to the exit pipe. Pour the awaited nitro coffee into a glass.

Serving nitro cold brew

Your nitro cold brew is ready to serve. Don’t make it late to serve your nitro coffee. Otherwise, you will be deprived of its special nitrogen effects, the beautiful cascades of whole nitro coffee.

serving nitro cold brew

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is nitro cold brew just coffee?

Nitro cold brew is not a coffee like a typical one. It is a newly invented version of coffee, literally the newer version of cold brew coffee. Compared to cold brew, the presence of nitrogen and its effects are the specialties of cold brew.

When nitrogen gets into cold brew, it creates microbubbles in the whole nitro liquid and a foamy layer on the top surface. This is not just a typical coffee, rather it is a new sensation of cold brew.

Can I make my own nitro coffee?

Yes, you can make your nitro coffee at home with the DIY method. You need a particular setup for nitro coffee and that is a complex keg system. It will be a bit expensive. It can be suitable for a big family, office or cafe.

In another way, you can make nitro coffee using a cream whipper or whipping siphon. After making the cold brew. Keep your cold brew in a cream whipper and charge it using a nitrous oxide cartridge. Then shake the pot for 4-5 minutes. Your nitro coffee is ready; pour it slowly and enjoy.

How does Starbucks make their nitro cold brew?

Starbucks makes a nitro cold brew from their signature coffee item cold brew. First, they make their original and authentic cold brew. Then, they inject nitrogen. And at the serving time, the nitro coffee comes from an outer tap.

What coffee does Starbucks use for nitro cold brew?

Starbucks uses several types of coffee beans for making nitro cold brew. Among them, Columbian beans and Arabica coffee beans are notable.


By the end of the article, we hope you have learned how to make nitro cold brew coffee at home easily. Though nitro cold brew making was not easy before, our guide has shown you the easiest ways.

Your first effort at making nitro coffee might give you a different taste than usual. Try a few more times. Next, who prevents you from being successful in nitro coffee making? You will be successful like a regular barista. Happy cold brew-making and enjoying at home.

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