How To Drink Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – A Better Way To Drink

You might be amazed to hear the question – how to drink nitro cold brew coffee? Interestingly, the answer will help you to learn something that will increase your enjoyment of nitro cold brew. When it is none other than nitro coffee, you have to know the proper way of drinking it. Being an unusual nitrogen-infused drink, nitro coffee will give the appropriate taste when you drink it properly.

For canned nitro coffee, shake the can heavily, open it, and pour it into a glass. Then drink it. If you have nitro coffee in a mug or glass at a restaurant, drink it quickly before the bubbles are gone from the coffee liquid.

Our guide will help you to skip missing nitro coffee authenticity and original nitrogen infusion taste. We hope for your company on our fantastic journey of revealing nitro cold brew drinking secrets.

The necessity of knowing nitro cold brew drinking way

If you drink nitro coffee in a typical manner, you will miss the frothy, creamy and smooth flavor, indeed the best of nitro coffee. Don’t worry; our guide will help you to enjoy nitro coffee supremely.

cold brew drinking way

Being a nitrogen-based drink, nitro coffee is highly dependent on nitrogen’s exceptional characteristics. You will find these characteristics after the infusion of nitrogen. A mistake of realizing them will lead you to miss the unique enjoyment of nitro coffee.

Additionally, sometimes excessive shakes of nitro coffee can result in spreading the froth randomly. So, be careful to protect your clothes from being dirty.

How does nitro coffee produce its uniqueness?

If you understand the point, this will help you enjoy nitro coffee anywhere. And where do you have to keep your eye on nitro coffee?

What happens when a nitro maker infuses nitrogen in it? After making a cold brew in the usual way, nitrogen gas is infused into it. After completing the infusion process, on the top surface, nitrogen gas creates a foamy layer of bubbles. Besides, the whole cold brew liquid contains super small bubbles.

When you taste cold brew, the bubbles get in touch with your mouth and tongue, you can enjoy the superb taste of nitro coffee. Thus you can differentiate how nitro coffee is better than others.

How to drink nitro cold brew coffee step by step

Currently, you can get two types of cold brew – canned nitro coffee and glass-served nitro coffee. These two are detached considering their perspectives. Let’s check them separately.

Canned nitro coffee

When you have a nitro brew can from a coffee can seller company; you can drink it quickly from the can. If you can give a few minutes to the can to pour the drink into a mug or glass, you can add tweaks to it to increase the enjoyment.

Shake the can heavily, which will create a fantastic flavor and foamy layer on top. Don’t worry about overshaking. Nitrogen infusion allows you a heavy level of shaking. They are less reactive than carbon dioxide-made bubbles.

If you mistakenly forget to shake the can before opening it and haven’t poured it yet, don’t lose hope. Yet, there is a path for you to enjoy nitro coffee. Keep your glass or mug and can close and start pouring slowly.

The nitrogen effect will work when the slow flow of pouring hits the already-poured coffee in the glass. Be patient and finish pouring. You will see the beautiful scene of creating so many super tiny bubbles in your nitro coffee.

Glass served nitro coffee

glass served nitro coffee

If you have nitro coffee in a glass at a restaurant, it is a bit different to enjoy it than canned nitro coffee. Since this sort of coffee is very freshly made and served quickly, the foamy bubbles layer on the top, and other tiny bubbles are at your hand. You need almost zero effort to enjoy it. Take the glass and start drinking.

Avoid adding ice, sugar, and other additives

Some cold brew lovers or new nitro coffee lovers might wish to have ice, milk, or sugar while enjoying nitro coffee. We suggest you avoid this wish. If you perform this, you will lose your most desired nitro coffee’s specialty – foamy bubbles or tiny bubbles. Remember, these bubbles are the main factor of nitro coffee.

When you add ice cubes to the drink, its top foamy layer and bubbles will be in touch with them. Then the tiny bubbles will vanish since the ice cubes will become water. Moreover, the tiny foamy bubbles of the whole pot of nitro coffee will be progressively destroyed.

So, restrict yourself from adding ice to nitro coffee, although you are a lover of ice with cold brew. Moreover, the health benefits of nitro cold brew coffee depend on the additive that you add to it.

To do for additive lovers

If you are eager to add the additives, you have to lose the nitro coffee’s specialty. But we suggest adding additives only when you prefer the additives to nitro coffee taste.

Follow caution before drinking nitro coffee

Though you already know all the factors of drinking nitro coffee, a bit of caution may make your dress and surroundings messy. To avoid the mess, follow our instructions.

  • If you have nitro coffee at a restaurant, drink it promptly. A bit late will destroy its taste.
  • For a nitro coffee can – you must shake it properly
  • Then pour the drink fast.
  • Finally, drink it normally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are you supposed to drink nitro cold brew?

The best way to enjoy a nitro cold brew is to shake it heavily first. Then pour it into a mug or glass promptly. Then, drink the fancy nitro coffee without adding additives like sugar syrup, milk, flavor, etc.

Can you drink nitro cold brew out of can?

If you wish to drink your nitro coffee by getting it out of the can, you can do so. There is no demerit. To do so, take your can and pull the upper hook gently and pour the coffee into a glass or pot. Then, your nitro coffee is ready to drink.

Do you add anything to nitro cold brew?

Yes, to get a different taste, you can add any additives to your nitro cold brew. You just have to remember that your additive will destroy the foamy effects of nitro coffee. You can add milk if you wish. Sweet lovers can add sugar syrup too. If you love both sugar and milk, you can go for them.

Moreover, those who love flavors like vanilla, strawberry, or something else can add them.

Do you drink nitro cold brew with a straw?

No, you can not use a straw for drinking nitro cold brew. Because nitro coffee is special for the presence of nitrogen. Nitrogen infusion of nitro coffee creates a frothy layer of miniature bubbles. These bubbles will give you the most attractive flavor of nitro cold brew.

You will find the foamy layer on the top of nitro coffee. If you use a straw, you will miss the layer’s specialty. Because straw starts seeping up from the bottom of the container. So, you must not use a straw to enjoy the cold brew fully.


We have presented the most authentic ways of drinking nitro cold brew, titled how to drink cold brew coffee – a better way to drink. We will be glad, and our approach to present nitro coffee drinking will be successful if you can improve your drinking experience. We expect from a new nitro drinker; you will learn the best way and get the most enjoyment.

To get the most taste out of nitro coffee, you must understand and apply all our drinking instructions properly. For your awaited and expected result, read the article a few more times and try more times. Enjoy nitro coffee at home, outdoors, in coffee shops, and restaurants.

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