How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Ratio – A Ratio Setting Guide

Worldwide cold brew aficionados’ number is noteworthy. Many of them need deep knowledge of cold brew ratio badly. This ratio plays the most significant role behind a delicious cold brew coffee. You have to choose it wisely to get the perfect result from the cold brew. Our guide will teach you the A to Z of how to make cold brew coffee ratio perfectly.

You need to set your cold brew ratio at the primary making stage and concentrate stage. Take the number of people you serve, the ground size, your taste, etc., matters in your consideration, then select a ratio. To find the best ratio for you, you have to try some ratios several different times.

At the end of our content, you will learn ratio setting at two main stages, depending on facts about ratio setting and other topical facts. Let’s commence the journey.

Factors to know before cold brew coffee ratio setting

Some matters will ease your task and make your cold brew tastier if you realize them well. Let’s check them –

Your preference of taste

Naturally, men are of different tastes and natures. What someone like most might not be up to the mark for you. So, to make a cold brew coffee ratio, you should prioritize your preference. If you like a strong taste, choose a more coffee grounds requiring ratio compared to others. Otherwise, take a ratio that refers to a low amount of coffee.

If you choose a standard ratio, just set your ratio-setting job according to it. We recommend that new guys should make attempts to test various issues and select one.

How many people will drink?

If you are making a cold brew for yourself, you can set the ratio you like most. If you are making cold brew coffee for several people, it is better to set a standard ratio so that the cold brew remains enjoyable for all.

how many people will drink

There is also another option. When you are making cold brew for many people, you can set a stronger ratio that takes more coffee grounds than others. Ultimately this ratio provides you with a strong concentrate, which you can dilute by adding water up to your choice.

Standard ratio

There are a few ratios that are most common among cold brew aficionados. These are 1:8, 1:7, etc. If you find them unsuitable for you, you can choose a different ratio or modify one.

When you are preparing cold brew for many people, be cautious about taking a suitable ratio that will fit all. This ratio should not be so strong or so weak.

The ratio for French press or other machines

When you use a coffee maker for a cold brew like a French press, the ratio will be changed. You can not use the standard or typical one. French press coffee maker takes grounds with coarse size and requires a ratio that needs more coffee grounds than typical cold brew ratios.

Depending on your coffee maker’s brand, search for this info in your user manual.

Coffee ground size

The use of the coarse ground as the most suitable one is accepted worldwide. A couple of ground sizes are also used for cold brew. Among them, coarse coffee grounds can make the most delicious version of cold brew.

For many reasons, you may not have coarse coffee grounds at home all the time. Suppose you are an occasional cold brew drinker; barely you can have the coarse ground at home. In such conditions, the medium fine or semi-coarse ground can be useful for you.

There you will need to select a ratio that takes more coffee grounds than others.

Detail of how to make cold brew coffee ratio

Cold brew coffee needs two ratios for its two stages – the primary preparing stage and the concentrate diluting stage. Those stages are important for making your cold brew enjoyable.

Setting the ratio of coffee grounds to water

This ratio setting refers to the beginning stage. Considering the number of people you are serving, your preference, coffee ground size, etc., measure coffee grounds and water in separate pots or bowls. Suppose you have chosen a 1:6 ratio for your desired cold brew.

coffee grounds to water ratio

Here you need 40 grams of coffee ground and 260 ml of water. It’s better to weigh the things by weight machine to get an accurate result.

You can set the amount in accordance with cup measurement too. If you take one cup of ground coffee, you should take six cups of water according to the above ratio. This cup measurement can be applicable to more people.

Setting ratio for concentrate to water

Setting ratios for cold brew concentrate to water commonly indicates a ratio of 1:1 and 2:1. All the prior mentioned factors are also applicable here. When you are making the ratio for more people, consider a moderate ratio that suits everyone.

concentrate to water ratio

If you are the only person to enjoy your cold brew, you can take one of the two standard ratios or modify any of them. You can also go for a ratio beyond our mention. There is another option – you can keep the original concentrate unchanged if you are a strong cold brew lover.

Some also like to dilute cold brew concentrate with milk, sugar syrup or other flavors. We advise you to try them successively. And keep one from them.

Are the ratios fully responsible for taste?

Remember, the ratios are not fully responsible for a perfect cold brew taste. After making a perfect ratio, you might find your coffee below your choice. Cold brew coffee needs dark roasted beans, coarse size grounds and an exact extraction duration. Normally, a cold brew extraction process takes more time than that of hot coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ratio for cold brew coffee?

The ratio is a factor for cold brew by which the quantity of coffee grounds and water is measured. How much coffee grounds and water do you need for your cold brew, a ratio defines that. Suppose you want to make a cold brew for a single person, you need 50 grams of coffee grounds and 300ml of water according to a 1:6 ratio.

For 1:8 or other ratios, you will need separate amounts of coffee powder and water. If you like a more intense cold brew, you can add more coffee than 50 grams and thus, increase the water amount. For example, if you have taken 65 grams of coffee grounds, you need 390 ml of water as per the ratio of 1:6.

Cold brew coffee has another ratio to use in the dilution stage. After making the concentrate, you need to dilute it by mixing water or any other liquid to make it weaker. Here a ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 is suitable. You can change it too according to the taste priority you like.

How much coffee do I need for 500ml of cold brewed water?

The absolute coffee amount can vary for 500 ml cold brew coffee. According to a 1:5 ratio, you need around 60 grams of coffee ground for a nice cold brew. Prioritizing your taste, you can increase or decrease the coffee amount. Whatever you do, keep the ratio the same.

How much water do you add to cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee needs water at two stages – at the very beginning and concentrate stage. The water amount of both stages only depends on your choice.

Suppose a 1:4 ratio is your preferred ratio for the beginning stage. You have to add one (1) portion of coffee grounds of the total cold brew coffee quantity and four (4) portions of the water. This will make a 1:4 ratio-based cold brew coffee. Thus, you can select water quantities for other ratios too.

Concentrate stage of cold brew coffee – at this phase two ratio is very popular, 1:1 and 2:1. These ratios indicate cold brew concentrate and water ratio. For your 500 ml of cold brew, you have to add 500 ml water and for a 2:1 ratio, you need 250 ml water.

What is a 4 to 1 ratio cold brew?

The ratio of 4-to-1 is a very familiar ratio for cold brew making. This ratio defines that for every four portions of water, take one portion of coffee. If you take 50 grams of coffee grounds, you must take 200ml of coffee. We often call this ratio a 1:4 ratio. There are several common ratios for preparing cold brew and 1:4 is one of them.


We have presented industry-leading and real-life experience-based ways of how to make cold brew coffee ratio. We hope this will bring a delicious coffee-drinking experience to your life. Every person has separate characteristics in their taste and food habits. So, for some, it might need several more attempts to make their best ratio.

You just need different ratios at different times and finally fix one. We will be pleased to know how our guide is for you. Please let us know your experience through mail and website.

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