Is Nitro Cold Brew Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

People love to enjoy new tastes, whether it is in drinks or food. When it comes to drinks, the change is more common than others. Nitro coffee is such a change in the coffee sector. Whether a nitro cold brew enthusiast or not, is nitro cold brew stronger than regular coffee – this curiosity is common to all. Our content is for you if you are one of those curious persons.

Yes, nitro coffee is more robust than typical coffee. Because it uses the natural condition of its ingredients, produces more caffeine, and refreshes people quicker. Being a more potent drink, it’s a perfect fulfillment for a drink enthusiast.

By the end of the article, you will learn about nitro coffee’s strength compared to regular coffee. So, hold strong and give us company.

What do we get from regular coffee?

Regular coffee means hot brewed coffee. This sort of coffee is fine and genuinely well-circulated among people. The coffee ground brewed in hot water loses its authenticity due to its contact with hot water. Thus we get a quality sacrificed version of coffee that loses its strength.

Moreover, this reduction of authenticity keeps the full potential unrevealed. An unmixed version of hot coffee (coffee without any additives) is far better than a mixed version.

What nitro coffee gives us?

Nitro cold brew is an extension of cold brew coffee. After finishing a superb cold brew making, a nitrous oxide infusion turns cold brew into nitro cold brew. So, evaluating the cold brew strength will be enough to judge nitro cold brew.

what nitro coffee gives us

To make a cold brew, we need normal water at room temperature, coarse coffee grounds, a mason jar or pitcher, and a filter. All the elements do not produce heat and make cold brew after a longer extraction period (max 24 hours and min 12 hours). This no-heat production matter keeps coffee ingredients genuine and ensures better performance.

These two facts – the natural state of cold brew elements and longer extraction, make cold brew (ultimately nitro cold brew) stronger than other coffee types. The use of nitrogen does not influence cold brew in any manner. Because this is an inert gas that is not reactive to the other elements of nitro cold brew.

Evaluation – Is nitro cold brew stronger than regular coffee

Considering the above discussion on nitro cold brew coffee and regular coffee quality, it is obvious that nitro coffee surpasses regular coffee regarding strength. Studies show that nitro coffee can boost strength by around 30% from the same amount of coffee.

What make nitro cold brew stronger?

Where regular coffee is made with a lower amount of coffee grounds, nitro cold brew is made with a higher amount of coffee grounds. Generally, popular cold brew-making ratios are 1:4, 1:6 and 1:8 and regular coffee-making ratios are 1:15, 1:16 or something more or less. All ratios indicate coffee to water quantity.

what make nitro cold brew stronger

From the above ratio comparison, we can easily find that every cold brew ratio takes a higher quantity of coffee grounds. So, this higher coffee ground amount and the genuineness of the ingredients’ natural condition make cold brew stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is nitro cold brew the strongest coffee?

Yes, we have tasted nitro coffee and others and found nitro coffee stronger than all of them. Nitro coffee comes from cold brew, which is steeped for a minimum of 12 hours and a max of 24 hours. No other coffee is brewed for such a long time. This longer extraction of nitro cold coffee brings out chemicals, oil, and other elements from coffee grounds.

Moreover, cold brew’s coffee-to-water ratio always signifies a higher coffee amount. So, it produces more caffeine which makes cold brew stronger. Finally, nitro coffee’s nitrogen makes it tastier and stronger one more time.

Is nitro cold brew stronger than iced coffee?

Definitely, nitro coffee is a stronger version of coffee than other coffee, like iced coffee. Iced coffee is made from hot coffee and this hot coffee is made with a smaller coffee-to-water ratio. Contrarily, cold brew takes a higher coffee-to-water ratio. Hence, the greater coffee ground amount makes nitro cold brew stronger.

Is nitro cold brew better for your stomach?

Yes, nitro cold brew is better to digest in the stomach than all other coffee. A barista uses all the natural elements in their actual condition, so it can protect all quality and enrich the coffee to boost the drinkers at full length.

The nitro coffee-making process, in particular, generates low acidity (a bit more or less than 4.88 according to the pH scale). So, it becomes more healthy and non-reactive than other coffee. Besides being an inert gas, nitrogen only creates bubbles and no other things.

What’s the difference between a nitro cold brew and a regular cold brew?

Nitro coffee is not as same as the regular cold brew. Indeed, there is not a massive difference between the two coffee. Comparing the elements of nitro coffee to regular coffee, nitro coffee contains one more element than a cold brew and this is nitrous oxide.

But this single element creates some more differences in visualization, taste, and mouthfeel. Nitro cold brew contains microbubbles in whole coffee liquid and a foamy layer on the top which are absent in regular cold brew.

Though both nitro coffee and cold brew are made without sweet, nitro coffee tastes sweeter than cold brew. Moreover, nitro coffee provides a smoother and stronger mouthfeel while drinking.


To find the answer to the question – is nitro cold brew stronger than regular coffee, we have shown the facts. Our full-length discussion clarifies logically that nitro cold brew is stronger than regular coffee. If you want an instant boost and refreshment easily, this nitro coffee will provide you with the best.

Moreover, issueless healthy, sweetless sweety taste, fancy mouthfeel, etc., qualities can make anyone a fan. We hope your uninterrupted cold brew enjoying the journey and an excellent start to your day with fresh nitro cold brew.

If you are still in an obscure situation, please try the two drinks one after another. This will show you the right path to choose one undoubtedly.

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