Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water In A DIY Method?

You might be puzzled to hear that almost 50% of coffee lovers worldwide drink instant coffee. Still, can you make instant coffee with cold water is a significant question from coffee enthusiasts. Indeed, making instant coffee is essential for so many people today. Remarkably its use is increasing gradually for its specificity. Besides this method, you can make cold brew coffee concentrate and preserve it for future instant usage.

Considering all coffee aspects, you can prepare instant coffee using cold water. Take coffee granules in a jar or pitcher. Pour cold water slowly into the coffee container in a few installments. After pouring each installment, stir the composition slowly. Then completing all installments of water pouring and stirring. Your cold water-made instant coffee is ready.

We will have a compact discussion on cold water-made instant coffee and some other closely relevant issues. Let’s dive together into our instant coffee presentation.

What is instant coffee?

Instant coffee is a popular type that you can get instantly with a few steps and a little arrangement. To make Instant coffee, instant coffee producers collect beans, then roast, grind and even complete the brewing step. Finally, water is detached from the brewed mixture and then the mixture is dried.

What is instant coffee

There are two ways of water detaching. The first way deals with spreading the liquid in very hot air. Then, water evaporates and only the liquid exists in powder form. The producers collect the powder sort of coffee and wrap it for consumers.

The second way works on drying the brewed liquid in freezing conditions. The manufacturers make the brewed liquid thick and then solid using a very low temperature. Then it turns into an ice-like solid. After breaking the solid form into small pieces, they are kept in a vacuum. The water portion of the solid’s part melts in the vacuum. Finally, only dried particles remain here.

The specialty of instant coffee

The most significant benefit of instant coffee – you can enjoy it instantly, as its name demands. Where cold brew coffee takes a lengthy duration, hot-brewed coffee takes somewhat more too. And other brewing methods are also complex. Instant coffee takes only a few minutes and steps.

Additionally, you can make instant coffee with both hot and cold water. Instant coffee can offer you ease because producers complete almost all processes previously. It remains at a stage where water is the only need. Easy making, time-saving and cheap cost have made instant coffee popular worldwide.

Regular instant coffee vs. cold water-made instant coffee

Adding coffee granules and hot water to a jar is a typical instant coffee-making process. To make this sort of coffee, you need a few things – hot water, coffee powders, a spoon and a jar.

Just make a mixture of coffee granules and hot water. By stirring the mixture with a spoon, ensure that the coffee granules dissolve completely. After a few minutes, your instant coffee is in your hand.

Making instant coffee using cold water is almost the same. All the above phases are the same except the hot water. Replace the hot water from the above items with cold water and keep the rest same. Your cold water-made coffee is ready to provide enjoyment. Remember, it takes several minutes more to make the mixture properly.

Ingredients for cold water-based instant coffee

To make a superb instant coffee with some quality flawlessly, you have to collect all the ingredients at hand. The ingredients are –

  • Coffee particles
  • Cold water
  • A mug and
  • A spoon

Can you make instant coffee with cold water easily at home?

To make one cup of instant coffee, take one cup and fill it with water at an ideal level and add one spoon of coffee granules. If you like a stronger version of coffee, add half or a spoonful of coffee granules. Adding coffee granules to the water in a few installments is a much better idea. This gives enough time for granules to dissolve.

Since cold water takes time to be mixed with the coffee particles, you have to stir for a longer period. Take your jar near your eyes and look at the mixture closely to find whether the coffee particle is dissolved totally or not. When you become sure of the matter, your drink is ready.

How will cold water-made instant coffee taste?

Cool water-made instant coffee is a version that provides better quality than regular hot water-based instant coffee. But it tastes somewhat atypical. Who are highly habituated to the regular form of instant coffee, might feel a different taste.

cold water made instant coffee taste

Since it contains a shortage of taste than typical instant coffee, you can add some ice cubes, sugar syrup or milk. This addition will certainly provide you with a special mouthfeel and taste.

Health value of instant coffee made with cold water

Though it seems atypical to make instant coffee with hot water. But it’s an amazing and realistic idea to make instant coffee with cool water due to its health benefits. It contains more health value than a typical hot water-made instant coffee.

The making process of instant coffee has made a better coffee version than others. It contains higher antioxidants and magnesium, potassium and Vitamin B3 in a lower amount. Antioxidants are essential to ensure sound health.

Should you try instant coffee

Cold water instant coffee is a handy solution for those passing hectic days regularly. It contains more taste than hot water-made instant coffee. Hot water-made instant coffee leaves flavor with steam. When you prepare instant coffee with cold water, it retains its full aroma and flavor.

Remember, while you make instant coffee with hot water within a few minutes, cold water instant coffee takes 3/ 4 minutes more. In outdoor conditions where you might not have the chance to get hot water, you must try our method.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does instant coffee in cold water taste good?

No, cold water-made instant coffee does not taste lower than the hot water version. It is scientifically proven that when a natural grain or food item gets heat, it loses its quality. Thus, when instant coffee is made with hot water, it loses its delicious flavor when steam goes away from it.

Moreover, the heat mainly damages the authenticity of the granule. The granule loses its natural state when it is soaked in hot water.
When we make cold water-based instant coffee, it remains totally undamaged regarding the quality. It only takes more time to dissolve the coffee powders in cold water. On the other hand, hot water does its work more quickly than cool water.

We are mainly habituated to drinking hot water-made instant coffee. Our body and brain will adjust to it after several trials.

Can you make NESCAFÉ instant coffee with cold water?

Enjoying instant NESCAFÉ with cold water is possible without any complexity. NESCAFÉ instant coffee is completely liquefiable in water. So, don’t be worried; just follow the steps that leave your nervousness. Add two tablespoons of NESCAFÉ granules and 200ml water in a mug or jar. Stir the composition very well. Then, it is ready to give you the exact enjoyment you desire.

Do you need boiling water for instant coffee?

To make instant coffee, boiling water is not essential. Boiling water means the water at 100 degrees celcius where it starts boiling. If the state continues, the water continues to boil. If you use water with this heat for instant coffee, it will delay your drinking. You can’t bear the coffee heat; rather, you have to wait till the heat decreases at a tolerable level.

It’s better to use water at 80-degree celsius for instant coffee. With the water. heated at this level, you can enjoy the best instant coffee almost without delay. Besides, more heat always decreases the quality.

Can you put Starbucks instant coffee in cold water?

You can undoubtedly make Starbucks instant coffee using cold water. This will not take more effort than regular instant coffee making. Like regular instant coffee making, arrange all the elements – coffee powder, cold water, jar and spoon. Then stir the composition till the coffee granules dissolve into the water.

After completing the processes, your instant coffee is ready. This process may take several minutes longer than typical instant coffee making.


Within a comprehensive discussion, we have covered the answer to the question – can you make instant coffee with cold water and other necessary facts. We hope this guide will become your best companion while making instant coffee with cold water. Whatever your coffee experience is, you can make your favorite instant coffee with our guide.

If you are a coffee aficionado, you will find our guide most useful in the shortage of hot water during travel. Even you might be a fan of cold water-made instant coffee. For a newbie, it may take a few more attempts to get your perfect shot of cold water-made instant coffee.

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