How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate in a DIY Method?

Making cold brew concentrate at home is always fancy and enjoyable. It is also possible to make restaurant-like cold brew coffee at home. A guide on how to make cold brew coffee concentrate in a DIY method will increase your pleasure and enthusiasm. We have a complementary guideline that shows all aspects of cold brew concentrate making.

Put a pitcher, coffee grounds and cool water on a table. Make a composition of coffee grounds and room-temperature water in the pitcher. Shake the mixture to wet all coffee bean particles. Make the pitcher airtight and keep it in a sound place to complete the extraction process in 12 – 24 hours. You can also keep it in a fridge. After the duration, your concentration is ready.

We shall cover the complete cold brew concentration-making process, its serving process, storing and some other supplementary sides. You will be satisfied with pleasure after the end of the article. Let’s dive!

What is cold brew concentrate?

Some often make a mess of understanding cold brew concentrate. It is a phase of cold brew coffee. Before adding water, ice cubes, milk syrup or any flavor, the state of cold brew is “cold brew coffee concentrate.” This state of cold brew is very strong and contains more caffeine.

what is cold brew concentrate

Relation or difference between cold brew and its concentrate

There is a little difference and close relationship between cold brew concentrate and cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee is made with coarse coffee grounds and cool water using a pitcher or jar. Also, 12 – 24 hours of extraction duration is mandatory for fine cold brew.

Contrarily, cold brew concentrate is the state of the final stage of cold brew just before adding any additives. Because of the higher strength of cold brew concentrate, you need to dilute it by adding water, milk, ice cubes, etc.

Ingredients for cold brew concentrate

To make cold brew at home, gather the following ingredients in your hand. Perfect ingredients always give a better sort of concentrate. To collect them, you need to be more cautious about choosing them. The ingredients are –

  • A pitcher
  • Coffee grounds with coarse size
  • Water at room temperature
  • A thin piece of cloth

In case you don’t have coarse coffee grounds, buy from a nearby store. There is one more option which will certainly bring a better result than others. You can buy top-class coffee beans in order to get them ready for cold brew coffee. After finishing all processes, you can enjoy fresh and beloved beans.

How to make cold brew coffee concentrate easily?

Making cold brew concentrate at home is very straightforward and takes low effort. With a few prime steps, you can make cold brew in your kitchen or any other free space.

Firstly, add coffee grounds and water to the pitcher.

Secondly, stir the pitcher water to soak the coffee grounds properly.

Thirdly, leave the pitcher in a disturb-free place for 12 – 24 hours. During this duration, water will extract flavor, color, caffeine, and other chemicals from coffee grounds.

Fourth, after completing the duration, your cold brew concentrate is ready to provide a superb coffee experience.

Serving cold brew coffee concentrate

Because of the higher coffee ground-taking ratio, cold brew concentration always stays stronger. This state of cold brew is not fit for all its consumers. So, adding water to dilute the cold brew is a priority task for its drinkers.

You can take a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio for the desired dilution. These ratios refer to the concentrate and water amount respectively. After diluting with water or something else, you can enjoy the cold brew concentration. You can directly try the concentration too.

It’s far better to taste the concentrate in several states and then select your favorite condition. You should also taste the original concentrate to check your fondness for it. You might find the genuine concentrate up to your mark.

Storing cold brew concentrate

Storing cold brew might bring significance to some who don’t have enough time to make it often. You can store cold brew concentrate in an airtight jar for two weeks.

storing cold brew concentrate

Remember, only after the first week it will start losing its taste and appeal. A refrigerator can also give your cold brew concentrate the best environment to stay genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ratio for cold brew concentrate?

Cold brew concentrate ratio means cold brew and water mixing ratio before drinking. When you’ve made a cold brew and it is unmixed, you need to dilute it with water. Here, 2:1, 1:1, or something else is fit. Indeed it totally depends on your taste.

If you are a new cold brew lover, it’s best to use the different ratios to find the superior one.

How do you make cold brew concentrate without a machine?

Making cold brew concentrate at home without a machine is exciting and straightforward. You can make it with a pitcher, coarse size coffee grounds, cool water, and a flimsy piece of cloth. Make a composition of coffee grounds and water in the pitcher. Stir the composition gently for a shorter time. Wait till 12 – 24 hours pass for extraction. That’s all.

Is cold brew concentrate stronger?

Considering strength, cold brew concentrate is far ahead of other coffee. Since cold brew takes more coffee to be prepared, it contains more caffeine and remains strong till it stays unmixed. Who love stronger coffee, it is the best option for them. Vice versa, weaker-taste likers can get it weak after adding water, milk or something else.

How long should cold brew concentrate sit?

The most common duration of cold brew is 12 – 24 hours. If you don’t have time, steep your cold brew for at least 12 hours. Your cold brew will be the worst one if it is steeped for a shorter period than we mentioned. We recommend steep for more or less 16 hours as a moderate one.

More lengthy steeping (exceeding both 16 or 24) will make your cold brew stronger. A portion of coffee lovers extracts cold brew for 30 hours. You can do so in case you are using medium coarse grounds (not coarse).


We strongly believe that we have satisfied you with our content focus on how to make cold brew coffee concentrate. Before delivering the content to you we have gathered our knowledge from real-life experiences. So, as we have seen where the issues come and outlined how to tackle them. Finally, we have delivered the most unique and easy method for cold brew coffee concentrate making.

Try different ratios and coffee beans to get the desired world-recognized taste and aroma. Furthermore, you can try different ratios for diluting the concentrate before serving. Several attempts will be enough to find out your perfect shot of cold brew.

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