What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: An Introductory Guideline

What is nitro cold brew coffee – this is a common question from most coffee lovers. Only a few of them know about it. We’ve prepared a nitro cold brew introductory guide for those with little or no knowledge. With our guidelines, you will be a pro of nitro cold brew.

Nitro cold brew coffee is an additional recent dimension of cold brew. This version of the cold brew is called nitro cold brew because of the presence of nitrogen gas. After making cold brew in the usual way, nitrogen gas is inserted. The nitrogen insertion creates a foamy surface on top of the cold brew.

Ignore how small your knowledge level of nitro cold brew is. We will equalize your knowledge with the nitro coffee trend and need. Start your journey with us without wasting a moment.

Inauguration of nitro cold brew coffee

As far as we know, people started enjoying nitro coffee in the early 2010s in some coffee shops. Later, it gained immense popularity after 2015. But there is no historical data with evidence of where it is born.

Nitro cold brew coffee

The famous coffee companies of the USA set their minds on making nitro coffee in the 2010s. And next, it got a wide expansion. Cuvee Coffee and The Queen’s Kickshaw started serving nitro in some cities in America, respectively, in 2010 and 2011.

In recent years, nitro coffee got the most remarkable spread. You can have a nitro cold brew from almost every coffee shop in recent times.

Characteristics of nitro cold brew coffee

Since nitro coffee has become one of the latest sensations, many coffee lovers want to know its characteristics. We’ve figured out some significant points. A brief of them is –

Different from regular cold brew

Though nitro cold brew is an adolescent comparing coffee, it has added a substantial diversion to coffee. And it has become a fascination for coffee drinkers.

Better taste

Nitro coffee differs from the typical cold brew in terms of taste. Those eagerly waiting to change their taste can certainly go for nitro cold brew coffee. This can give even better than their expectations.

Smooth and refreshing

The foamy upper surface can provide a soft and lucrative feeling. No coffee can restore a tired person more than nitro coffee.

Significant quantity at a time

You can make a large quantity of nitro-cold coffee with nitrogen-producing and preserving equipment. So, you can have a considerable amount of cold brew coffee flawlessly.

Latest trend

With all matters and subjects, people want to be updated. This is the most recent and updated cold brew trend. So, coffee lovers are with the trend and pace.

Good for health

Nitro cold brew is less acidic than usual coffee. So, acid-sensitive people can digest it without a problem. Moreover, you can drink it if you are of that kind. The pretty good caffeine can give you more freshness.

The use of nitrogen makes nitro coffee sweeter and cooler than usual coffee. You can drink the coffee version without cooling it additionally by adding ice.

What is nitro cold brew coffee: significant aspects

A recent nitrogen-based addition to cold brew is called “nitro cold brew coffee.” People invented a shorter form of nitro cold brew, “nitro coffee.” It looks attractive, exceptional, and foamy.

The majority of the whole nitro cold brew is similar to the regular cold brew. Because of the addition of nitrogen, the main changes come into the final drinkable nitro coffee. You will find tiny bubbles in the coffee cup or mug, especially in the upper portion of the coffee.

How to make nitro cold brew coffee?

Make your favorite cold brew in any way. If you can make your cold brew perfectly, your nitro coffee will be pleasant. Just finish your cold brew making and then infuse nitrogen into it. You can insert nitrogen using several kinds of nitrogen gas holding devices.

Finally, your nitro coffee is ready to give you pleasure.

How is a nitro cold brew taste?

Nitro coffee’s popularity proves that it has something special for which it’s getting more lovers gradually. Sweeter, despite being sugar-free, cooler being without ice, and the creamy flavor have made nitro coffee prettier than regular and cold brew. Undoubtedly, you will find more pleasure in nitro coffee.

What does nitro cold brew coffee look like?

You might be surprised to hear the name nitro cold brew coffee. But the coffee is like a regular cold brew. It is reddish brown, like typical cold brews. Most of the parts of nitro cold brew bear this color, but the upper part contains a prominent white, foamy, and larger layer of nitrogen with weeny bubbles.

Why is nitro coffee so popular?

Though cold brew is one of the top coffee items, nitro coffee has made a breakthrough in the coffee kingdom. The additional dimension of cold brew, nitro cold brew coffee, has attractive features. All these are increasing the popularity of nitro coffee.

Why is nitro coffee popular

Among the crowd of coffee, nitro cold brew has precisely got the craze of coffee lovers and made its own path for some features. They are –

  • You can make a massive quantity of nitro coffee anytime.
  • Better taste attracts more people quickly.
  • Fascinating texture.
  • More refreshing than regular cold brew.

What is the challenge of nitro cold brew making?

Is nitro cold brew making challenging? Yes, it’s pretty difficult to prepare because of equipment management and their buying cost. A nitrogen cylinder set up for nitro cold brew can range from $500 – $1500.

Unlike typical cold brew, nitro cold brew takes more equipment with the regular cold brew crafting elements. A series of kegs and pipes are needed for transferring nitrogen into coffee cups and nitrogen refilling. You need much more money, time, and space than regular coffee.

Maintaining more tools than regular or cold brew coffee is also tricky.

Price of nitro cold brew coffee

On average, you have to spend $5-$6 or even more for a cup of nitro cold brew coffee. Some premium coffee brand shops will charge more, while some may charge a couple of dollars less.

Should you try nitro coffee at home?

You can surely try nitro coffee at home if you have enough money, time, and patience for nitro cold brew making and equipment maintenance. You may have it outdoors if you are an occasional nitro coffee lover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is so special about nitro cold brew?

While most drinks use carbon dioxide in their liquid packaging or serving, nitro cold brew uses nitrogen gas. This gas creates a unique foamy texture on the top surface of the nitro coffee. The attractive visualization of the gas with cold brew is so stunning for a coffee lover.

Is nitro cold brew coffee healthy?

For more than 100 years, people have used nitrogen gas in drinks as a healthy element. Though most people like to use carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas can serve them even better than it.

If you consider nitro cold brew’s main elements, they are genuine and served without any artificiality. Room temperature water for steeping and nitrogen for a foamy and creamy texture is healthy for the human body.

They are also easy to digest. Only coffee beans are changed at a level by grinding from their natural state, which is not harmful to health. So, whole nitro coffee is healthy.

What is the difference between regular coffee and nitro cold brew?

There is a vast difference between regular coffee and nitro coffee. Regular coffee is made with hot water, and nitro cold brew is made at room temperature or in normal water. The making processes are also different.

Regular coffee takes a few minutes to be prepared, and nitro cold brew takes at least 12 hours or a maximum of 24 hours.

Is nitro coffee stronger than a cold brew?

The new sensation ‘‘nitro coffee’’ is stronger than a typical cold brew. It is sweeter, tastier, smoother, and more robust than regular cold brew. Nitro coffee is more delightful. Because when nitrogen gas enters, the gas creates many changes due to chemical reactions.

These reaction-based changes make the coffee tasty and stronger.


As a coffee lover, you must know about the most trendy nitro cold brew coffee. To keep you updated with the latest coffee trends, we have presented this article highlighting the question: what is nitro cold brew coffee?

We hope, with the knowledge we’ve provided, you won’t hesitate to choose which coffee is better for you. Take your decision strongly and choose nitro cold brew as you know enough about it.

Believe us; you have surpassed most other people regarding nitro coffee knowledge. Now enjoy cold brew yourself with your beloved persons.

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