Does Cold Coffee Make You Poop Really? – The Truth

A long and unfinished argument of coffee lovers – does cold coffee make you poop? The answer is highly relative, with no simple “yes” or “no.” To know the hearsay, the catalysts behind it and the diversified aspects of cold coffee’s digestive effect, we will dig deeper.

Yes, cold coffee can make you poop sometimes. But this is not a compulsory effect for all. Considering your body and health conditions, drinking cold coffee can cause pooping. Cold coffee concentrate and its higher caffeine accelerate bowel movement that quickens pooping.

Here we will describe how cold coffee can make you poop and how effective it is. Let’s start!

What happens when you drink cold coffee?

If you drink cold coffee, it offers superb freshness in the body and mind. On hot days, nothing works like cold coffee to remove tiredness. Even in winter, cold coffee is preferable by many. What of cold coffee energizes us? In our open eyes – its cool feeling and taste become vital. But when cold coffee comes into the human body, its caffeine works in our body and digestive system.

what happens when you drink cold coffee

Things as mentioned earlier cause a few more actions in the human body. Since cold coffee takes additional coffee grounds than usual coffee, it produces more caffeine and a strong taste. Cold coffee produces more antioxidants that are responsible for a few stomach reactions and health issues.

Cold coffee leads the human body to increase blood pressure and heart rate which clarifies focus. It produces more acidity and damages the appetite for food. This action is normal for some with a moderate amount of cold coffee consumption and normal for some with excessive consumption.

What is a laxative effect?

This is an effect in the intestine that makes a movement of your excrement and makes it easy to pass through the back way. This natural effect occurs in the stomach regularly for which we can leave stool daily.

Some foods and drinks affect this system. Cold coffee is one of them. It helps the laxative effect to happen easily. But considering the person-to-person body condition, the effect level may differ.

Do cold coffee additives cause a laxative effect?

Those who are regular drinkers of cold coffee might face meager and minimal consequences and irregular drinkers may face the impact on a larger scale. There is an excellent variation in cold coffee additives. Some assist with the laxative effect and some are responsible for causing other effects in the human body like diarrhea.

For example, natural additives like milk can faster a laxative effect and artificial sweeteners can make cold coffee a helping element for diarrhea. When cold coffee gets mixed with milk, the normal laxative effect increases.

Does cold coffee make you poop – a myth or reality?

There is no transparent scientific proof that shows cold coffee makes you poop. It works on the human body as a helper of pooping actions. Various studies and their results are available on cold coffee’s role in pooping. The results of these are not obvious, rather mixed outcomes. So, considering all aspects, you can’t detect cold coffee as the main catalyst that makes someone poop.

Why do people suspect cold coffee makes one poop? There is no apparent cause behind the demand. When cold coffee’s reactions in the stomach vary from man to man, how can you accept demand? Sometimes people take some sudden events as evidence of what is not acceptable literally.

If you demand cold coffee as a stimulant for bowel movement, this can be true for a notable number of people. But if you hand over the full responsibility to the cold coffee for making someone poop. This will be like supporting a myth.

What happens if you drink too much cold coffee?

An excessive amount of cold coffee consumption leads to rise of some problems in the body and causes imbalance to the regular sound health condition. You may face anxiety, diarrhea, insomnia, increased constipation, more and more urinal pressure, dehydration, shortage of nutrition, etc.

Consuming 400 mg of cold coffee daily is average for a person. This may vary for you. Here you need to drink moderately (a little more or less 400 mg) and select your comfort zone. Besides, drinking excessive cold coffee for a long time can cause a severe malfunction in the body.

How can you stable pooping?

Who face unusual pooping (feeling difficulty in releasing stool) should drink sufficient fiber daily. Fiber is easy to digest and emits as stool without creating any malfunction. If you are a cold coffee lover, stop drinking for a few days and later start drinking when you are fully fit and never cross the limit.

You have to leave your drinking habit until your body is okay with cold coffee consumption.

Does cold coffee cause diarrhea?

Cold coffee does not directly drive one to diarrhea. In some cases, it makes the pooping process easier. If someone drinks cold coffee at a higher level or drinks much coffee as an irregular drinker, this may cause some other effects on the body. A few cold coffee cases may lead you to diarrhea. Nevertheless, it does not mean a certain case for all.

Moreover, if you want to learn about the health facts of nitro cold brew coffee you can check our article on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does cold coffee cause constipation?

It’s a hearing that cold coffee causes constipation. Cold coffee eases the muscles of the gut and stirs up the pooping process. But in no way it causes constipation. There is a point to mention, excessive cold coffee drinking can cause dehydration which means water deficiency in the human body. It is proven that dehydration drives constipation in some cases.

So, normal level cold coffee taking does not possess constipation. Excessive levels of cold coffee drinking can cause the problem. It’s better not to drink cold coffee during constipation because drinking may degrade your condition.

Why do I poop after drinking iced coffee?

When you make cold coffee, it creates some effects on the body. It softens the intestine’s movement and eases the path for stools to go out. Mainly, the excessive caffeine and other elements of cold coffee mix lead to poop quicker.

Does cold coffee or hot coffee make you poop?

For hot coffee, you will have almost no remarkable effect on pooping. Cold coffee can play a role in your pooping. But this is not the main reason why you poop after drinking it. Cold coffee quickens your regular pooping.

For all people, cold coffee does not play the same role as a pooping stimulant. In some cases, you might find cold coffee bears a significant role in poop; for others, cold coffee has a very low or even no effect.

Is iced coffee a natural laxative?

Iced coffee has a low laxative effect, but it is not a natural laxative. For iced coffee’s digestive effect increases the intestine effect and makes the stool smooth to go through. Since the iced coffee’s elements come into the stomach after modification, it does not remain natural. So, its effect, the laxative effect, is not a natural effect.


In search of the truth regarding a popular argument – does cold coffee make you poop, we’ve found it might have a minor role in pooping, but not for all. There is no trustable evidence that supports the verdict. We are leaving the question with a comprehensive answer: cold coffee is not the primary factor in making someone poop but agitates the pooping activities.

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