A Method On How To Make Cold Brew Coffee In A French Press

The deliciousness and freshness of cold brew attract all. A few things hold its lovers back from getting it easily. Out-of-home costs and home-making messes are the most familiar barrier to enjoying cold brew coffee. You can get rid of these worrying matters by knowing how to make cold brew coffee in French Press.

Open the lid and plunger set on top of the cold brew maker. Pour coffee grounds and then water into it. Shake the mixture with a spoon until all poured grounds get wet. Place the lid. Don’t press the plunger. Keep the French press idle for 12 – 24 hours.

Our content covers A to Z of French press cold brew-making most effectively. Moreover, we have revealed some relevant and essential aspects of French press cold brew. Stay tuned.

What is special in French press cold brew?

Some might ask, why should I try a French press or other types of coffee makers? Even some may ask, can I make cold brew coffee without using a coffee maker? Yes, you can get cold with or without a maker. But French press coffee makers provide service straightforwardly without increasing electricity or gas bills.

french press cold brew

With a French press, you can aim for a cold brew any time, avoid the mess on the table, and filter management. And it accurately retains the uniqueness of taste and flavor.

The ideal ratio of cold brew in a French press coffee maker

Always remember that you must set a different ratio in French press cold brew. Here 1:6 is the perfect cold brew ratio made by the French press. On the other hand, hot coffee takes a 1:16 or 1:17 ratio for the best performance. This ratio respectively indicates the coffee and water amount.

To clarify more, you need more coffee grounds than regular cold brew coffee. Regular cold brew making takes a different ratio, e.g., 1:8 or 1:9. All these unique French press cold brew ratios require more coffee grounds.

Which beans bring the best result for cold brew?

Primarily, coffee beans are of a few types – light roasted, medium roasted, and dark roasted are very common. Only dark-roasted beans are most suitable for cold-brew coffee. If you use another form of roast, the cold brew will be weak, less smooth, and less refreshing.

It is also familiar that medium-roasted beans are also used for cold brew coffee. Considering cold brew’s originality, dark roasted beans are the obvious winner.

Necessary elements for making cold brew using a French press

To make cold brew coffee using a French press coffee maker, you have to collect the following things

  • French press coffee maker
  • Coffee grounds (coarse in size)
  • Normal and cool filtered water
  • Sugar or milk syrup (optional)

If you do not have coarse coffee grounds at your hand, collect a premade type from your nearby shop. There is another option in case you already have dark-roasted coffee beans or you have a chance to collect them. The option is – grinding your dark roasted coffee beans at a coarse size.

necessary elements for cold brew

Final steps – how to make cold brew coffee in a French press

A top-notch experience is available when you try a French press machine for cold brew making. The coffee maker can give you the best experience of making cold brew at home. By doing the below simple steps, you can get the beloved cold brew. Here are the steps –

Step 1:

Clean the coffee maker and put it on a table.

Step 2:

Open the lid (plunger and lid set).

Step 3:

Pour coarse size coffee grounds into the French press.

Step 4:

Take room temperature water in a jar and lift it up, and pour it into the coffee maker.

Step 5:

Stir the mixture so that all coffee grounds get wet.

Step 6:

Install the lid on the top of the French press and keep the plunger unpressed.

Step 7:

Keep the French press idle anywhere at your house or in a refrigerator. The plunger might be a barrier to the inner space size of a fridge. Only a few companies and models of fridges might allow entering the French press with an unpressed plunger.

Step 8:

Bring the cold brew concentrate out of the fridge (if you have kept the mixture in the fridge previously).

Step 9:

Now press the plunger slowly to separate the cold brew concentrate and soaked coffee grounds.

Step 10:

Take the cold brew liquid in your glass and enjoy it.

Serving or enjoying a cold brew

Before serving cold brew, you have to dilute it by adding water. To dilute cold brew coffee, you can follow a ratio of 1:1 or 1:1.5. You can set a different ratio that is very close to the mentioned ratios. If you haven’t kept it in a fridge and want it cold, adding some ice cubes is a fantastic idea. Depending on your fondness, you can add milk or any flavor.

This dilution or addition of milk and flavor is unnecessary for those who like the original cold brew concentration. You can go for dilution if you only love a less robust version of cold brew coffee than the original one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ratio of coffee to water for cold brew French press?

There are two stages where you need to use the ratio of coffee to water in cold brewing. One stage directly involves the cold brew-making process, and another one is adding water to concentrate to dilute it.

During cold brew making, you need to fix the ratio. It is perfect to use a 1:6 ratio to make a cold brew with a French press. You may change it somewhat more or less. For example, you can use a 1:7 or 1:8 ratio for a less robust taste and a 1:4 or 1:5 for a more strong taste.

Generally, cold brew concentrate remains very strong just after finishing the extraction duration. Hence, we have to add water to dilute it. This is best practice to use a 1:1 ratio. If you love intense cold brew, use 1:0.5 or less strong coffee lovers can use a 1:1.5 or 1:2 ratio of coffee and water.

How to make a perfect cold brew by using a French press?

Pour coffee grounds at first and water at the second stage into the French press. Now stir the composition and keep the whole maker in a sound place or in a refrigerator for 12 – 24 hours. Now press the plunger slowly. Then, filter the liquid and separate the wet grounds. Enjoy the fascination of cold brew.

Does French press cold brew need to be diluted?

Cold brew coffee that is made with a French press coffee maker is very strong. So, it’s better to dilute the cold brew concentrate with water. You can also add some milk or any other flavor to get a diluted version of cold brew coffee concentration.

Should you steep coffee in a French press longer for iced coffee?

A French press coffee maker helps to make cold brew more systematically and neatly, and cleanly. If you have thought – a cold brew maker reduces or lengthens the making process, you are wrong. Wherever you make cold brew using whatever maker, it will take the same time for extraction.


We hope you understand clearly through our presentation focused on how to make cold brew coffee in a French press. Besides the above discussion, you must be attentive to all the steps and choose the original ingredients. Also, remember that a French press coffee maker can only decrease your work and helps you to do all steps easily.

To get full from the cold brew, you must ensure that your coffee grounds are dark-roasted and coarsely grounded. Because these two facts control the special taste and smoothness of cold brew. All the combinations are fair enough to make your cold brew praiseworthy.

Let us know about your problem and additional curiosity. Have your every morning nice with a superb shot of cold brew.

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