How Long To Grind Coffee For Cold Brew: The Grind Duration

The new sensation of coffee, cold brew, has brought a revolutionary change. Its expansion is dramatic. There is a great potential that you have already become a cold brew lover or will become a lover soon.

How is it possible that you are a cold brew lover and don’t know the entire making process? Grinding is a vital part of clod brew making. Let’s know how long to grind coffee for a cold brew and its relevant parts.

In general, you need to grind coffee beans for 6-10 seconds for a cold brew. Depending on your grinder functions and coffee bean condition, grinding may take a couple of seconds, more or less.

Let’s spend some minutes knowing the details of coffee bean grinding and overall cold brew things.

Why do you need to know the coffee grind duration?

A cup of coffee is perfect or successful when it contains the full taste that a drinker wants to enjoy. If you do not get enjoyment, your effort, time, and money will be wasted. To protect against this waste, you must know how long to grind coffee for cold brew.

Why do you need to know the coffee grind duration

What may happen if you run the grinder for longer?

Two things may happen if you run your grinder for longer than your required time for coarse grinds.

  • Your coffee bean will be medium or fine.
  • Making coffee with this medium or fine size ground will lead your coffee to be nippy. Because cold brew takes a longer duration to extract.

You need to be cautious about non-automatic or semi-automatic grinders.

Can you make a cold brew with pre-grind coffee beans?

Many think about making cold brews with pre-ground bean particles. If the matter only deals with making a cold brew, you can make it with any grind size. Instead, the matter is related to the key fact of taste and enjoyment.

As it is the taste that you may need to sacrifice, not only you but also many others will not agree to prepare cold brew or other brews with these pre-grind beans. Besides, pre-grind coffee beans produce a cold brew with poor taste.

How long to grind coffee for cold brew: real-time metering

Accurate coffee bean grinding takes variable time based on grinders and coffee type. Some automatic grinders allow users to have bean particles at desired size within 6-8 seconds with a few clicks on the settings button. Vice-versa, some take 8-10 seconds, a bit longer than the above-mentioned models.

If you have a hand grinder, it will take the highest time than others. Based on the grinder and grinding model, you may need 1 minute per 20-gram coffee for coarse grinds and cold brew.

A group of food and nutrition scientists of America emphasizes coffee grounds making that “you must retain yourself from making coffee without knowing about grinding.” ‍So, there is no alternative to skip any spet in grinding.

You can check the ultimate guideline for grinding coffee for cold brew.

Which grinders will take how much time?

The above grinding time is not appropriate. Because grinding duration varies on major grinder types and grinder functionalities. It also varies on burr, blade, automatic, semi-automatic, and hand grinder.

Don’t be worried if your grinder adds or subtracts a few seconds to grind. It’s because of the grinder’s nature.

Generally, all automatic and semi-automatic grinders will take 6-10 seconds on average. Burr and blade grinders are also in the automated category so that they will take a similar time. The hand grinder will take a few seconds more.

How can I know which grinder will take how much time to grind beans for coffee? The straightforward answer to the question is – to check the user manual. You will get a particular duration.

Which grinders ensure how much grind quality?

It’s not easy to discuss the matter in short. We are mentioning category-wise grinders and their grind quality in short.

which grinders ensure how much grind quality

A manual grinder ensures quality to grind for a cold brew but takes time and effort to complete its duty. Some also raise complaints about its inconsistency. We think you can get satisfying quality grinds from a manual grinder but at a level.

Automatic grinders will surely give you what you need exactly. If you have a fully automatic grinder, press a few buttons and start the grinder, it will complete the rest. Sometimes you may need to press the stop button to stop the process. Maximum automatic grinders ensure full-quality grinds.

Semi-automatic grinders do some things on their own with some manual steps. It also ensures the same quality as the full automatic grinders.

Among burr and blade grinders, the burr is the superior quality service provider. While burr grinders perform smooth and almost noiseless operations, blade grinders are noisy. Blade grinders are not as quality as burr grinders. Blades fail in making same-size grinds, but the burrs consistently succeed in same-size grinds. In a word, the burr is preferable to blade grinders if you say about the quality grind.

How to make an unerring shot of cold brew?

Since cold brew differs from other coffee brewing methods, it demands your full concentration in its making process. To make a tasteful cold brew, follow the below steps:

  • Collect or buy coarse-size grinds.
  • If possible, try to have the coffee grounds using your own grinder. Because following only this way, you can enjoy the best possible cold brew taste.
  • Pour your coffee bean grounds into the coffee maker and mix warm water (water heated at room temperature).
  • Keep water and coffee ratio 4:1
  • Wait for the full extraction process.

Safety steps to follow before and after grinding and making

When you intend to grind your coffee on your own, it comes with the grinding duration that we discussed earlier. Some things also have deep impacts on the ground. Be careful of the below things:

Make sure that your children can not enter into your grinding process. It may hamper your grinding and grounds consistency. Another possibility also comes with the children – they can make a mess at any time, during the grinding, pre-grounding arrangement, and after completing the process.

Keep all your necessary pots, jars, or mugs near your hand.

Don’t pour an excessive amount of coffee beans into the grinder. Ground them in a few installments if you have a big amount of beans.


Every part of cold coffee making is essential. Our focus of the above discussion is how long to grind coffee for cold brew – which is one of them. Don’t make a mistake in understanding the proper grinding duration with all other necessary things. If you forget to take care of your own, none will be able to give you the most beloved cold brew.

Don’t lose your brew if you make a few or more mistakes in making your lovely cold brew. Leave it and try a couple of times more. Hopefully, you will learn to enjoy the freshest cold brew forever.

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