How To Make Fast Cold Brew Coffee: A Definitive Guide

Making coffee at home and bottling is always challenging. The task becomes more challenging when it’s cold brew due to its lengthy process and awaited taste. Shake off your worries about the authentic cold brew taste and long process. We will cover a-z on cold brew highlighting how to make fast cold brew coffee.

Actually, there are three ways to make fast cold brew coffee. The first method is majorly like the normal coffee-making ways. The second one deals with a whipping siphon, and the third one with Toddy or Filtron. All methods require regular ingredients and those mentioned above. 

You are just a few minutes away from learning the most useful methods to make fast cold brew coffee. Grab the learning chance right now.

Some key facts to know before fast cold brew making

Everyone should learn the following things as a cold brew lover. All these will ensure the ultimate cold brew coffee taste. So, know the facts to enrich your proficiency in cold brew making at home.

key facts to know before fast cold brew making

How does extraction complete in cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee extraction is dissimilar to other extraction processes. Take 1:4 coffee grounds and water (you can change the ratio to whatever you like or make coffee lighter or stronger). Pour the coffee beans into a pitcher or container and then normal water (room temperature water). Finally, stir the water to get it mixed with the coffee grounds.

Longer steeping process

Cold brew takes longer duration for extraction. The period is approximately 14-24 hours. One can choose a mid-duration (around 16-18 hours). You must not forget one thing that at least less than 12 hours of extraction. A refreshing, stronger, and authentic cold brew must take a lengthy duration.

Grind size

All your attempts to make a cold brew will fail if you fail to understand the importance of grind size or specify the term ‘coarse grind.’ However, some suggest using coarse grinds for cold brew. The actual grind size should be 1 mm. According to some experts, this size can also be 1.5 mm.

Difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee

Many coffee lovers and concerned people make mistakes by saying the same thing. Indeed, they do not contain the same characteristics at all; instead, they are two different entities. Just one thing is similar in that they both remain cool before eating.

difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee

We shall cover both things below.

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is fully incomparable to iced coffee. Cold brew takes coarse or coarser grounds and steeps for a longer period, 12-24 hours. On average, 16-18 hours is the most acceptable duration for cold brew extraction. Cold brew is less acidic, stronger in taste, and retains the original savor of coffee. It is more refreshing than any iced coffee.

Iced coffee

Ideally, iced coffee is not the same as cold brew coffee. Generally, people make iced coffee with normal coffee. First, they make it in the general process and add some ice cubes. This Iced coffee is not as delicious as cold brew and will hamper the original taste.

Why do you want to make fast cold-brew coffee?

In modern life, everybody has to handle a lot of business. Here, cold brew takes a vast time. So, cold brew lovers want it in a shorter period. Almost all cold brew lovers wish they could get it earlier.

Yes, some ways cover the hold-making process within a considerably short time. We have covered some complete solutions to remove your worries and answer your question: how to make fast cold brew coffee?

Follow the cautions before making cold brew coffee

It’s far better to start a task after knowing essential precautions. Ignoring or without following the precautions, you may have to tolerate physical, fiscal, or goods damage. Let’s know them.

  • Keep all elements near at hand to avoid hurry during the final process.
  • If you are new to a coffee maker, know it properly first.
  • Keep the coffee and water ratio measurement accurate.
  • Ensure your children’s distance from the coffee table and elements.
  • Use properly heated water.

Some times the process may require you to follow some additional steps depending on your kitchen environment. Discover them yourself.

How to make fast cold brew coffee: final methods

Now, we will describe the real ways. All methods are not suitable for one person. You have to choose one that fits to your needs. Before going to the final steps, we must know some significant things about cold brew coffee. Some methods are known as fast cold brew coffee-making methods.

iced coffee are not cold brew coffee

Considering the real facts, other methods are not cold brew-making methods at all. What are these, actually? They are iced coffee-making methods.

Since these methods are popular in public as a cold brew-making procedure, we will cover them as public demand. But we have a discreet view of the real cold brew coffee lovers, so we must discuss them separately. We have divided the methods into two parts –

  • Authentic cold brew coffee-making methods
  • Iced coffee-making methods

Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self.

Terry Pratchett, Thud!

This statement shows how important to make the perfect shot of coffee. Let’s dive into the next steps of our topic.

Now, we are going to elaborate on our below sections highlighting the above two methods.

Authentic cold brew coffee-making methods

In this section, our methods deal with a lot of genuine cold brew coffee making methods. The key point to follow is how much time a general cold brew takes naturally. When we reduce time in any method, it must reduce the originality of cold brew, at least at a minimum level. All our methods deal with just a negligible sacrifice to the cold brew.

Method #1: Cold brew making using a blender

This method deals with an original cold brew in nature. This way saves time superbly and makes coffee delicious. This can be a great choice for cold brew lovers, especially those who have very limited time.

What do you need at your hand?

Let’s look at the materials list you need before starting your process. Please have these items to continue the workflow.

  • Coffee grounds
  • French Press coffee maker
  • Cold water (room temperature water) in a jar, jug, or pitcher
  • Blender

Making cold brew mixture using cold brew

Take the blender and pour coffee grounds and warm water (or room temperature water) into the blender hopper. Now, run the blender for a few minutes.

Use the French Press Machine

Now, pour the mixture into the French Press machine and down the plunger. Pour the filtered mixture into a glass or jar.

Add milk or sugar syrup

To increase the taste or make the taste different, use milk, cream, and sugar or sugar syrup. Adding any of these elements depends on your choice.

Method #2: Making Fast cold brew by Whipping Siphon

In this method, you need to collect a few things first. A Siphon that can increase the pressure on the inside materials.

Making the coffee and water mixture

Mix the water and coffee particles. You can follow any methods mentioned in the article to mix them.

Putting the mixture in Siphon

Now, put the mixture in a siphon, and increase the pressure of the siphon (literally, increase the pressure in the inside mixture)

Keeping the Siphon in a refrigerator

Keep the Siphon with the coffee and water mixture in a fridge for two hours. Yes, your coffee is ready after that time.

Make it ready for serving

Get your desired cold brew out of the fridge and serve it as needed.

Method #3: Making cold brew using Toddy or Filtron

You can make a cold brew with the help of some commercial methods. Toddy, Filtron, or Blue Bottle Coffee are notable in our coverage.

Preparing combination of coffee grinds and water

You can traditionally make cold brew. You can select coarse coffee grounds. The fine grounds are also okay to make the mixture. Choose whatever you like.

Blending the mixture

Blend the mixture for a few minutes. Blender helps to mix all elements accurately. And thus, the steeping time gets reduced.

Put the mixture in a Toddy or Fitron

Now, put the complete mixture in a Toddy or any other device available in your hand. You can keep the Toddy or machine for the whole night or longer duration. It’s recommended to keep the Toddy for a night.

Iced coffee-making methods

Our second section of methods start with “iced coffee…” because all methods need ice to complete their process. Why are they with the cold brew methods? This is only because they are known as “cold brew” in public, though it’s a wrong idea. We want to serve those who want these methods, whether they know it is wrong or not.

Iced coffee making methods

The similarity in taste brings iced coffee to the royal category of cold brew coffee.

Method #1: Make fast cold brew coffee in a few minutes.

Collecting necessary ingredients

Gather the essential ingredients in your hand to continue the process uninterruptedly.

  • Cold water & Warm water – ½ cup
  • Ice cubes – 1 cup
  • Coffee – 1 tablespoon
  • Milk or cream – ½ or ¾ cup

Mix up water and coffee grounds

Pour one tablespoon of coffee grounds into a pitcher or glass. Next, add a bit of warm water and stir until the water dissolves completely in it. After that, add some cold water, stir the mixture, and continue it some more times.

Adding ice

When the mixing completes, add ice slices to the mixture. Your beloved cold brew is almost ready.

Adding milk or cream

Then you can add some milk or cream or both as you like. This addition of milk or cream will make your cold brew more delicious.

All the above things are not 100% fixed at all. You can add more coffee grounds if you like stronger or add a different flavor of milk syrup. Adding ice to the mixture also depends on your choice.

Method one is, most importantly, a version of iced coffee. Sometimes, some think that it is a cold brew. From the thinking of authenticity, it is not an original cold brew.

Method #2: Making a cold brew using hot coffee or a drip maker

Only a few minutes of cold brew making is – preparing a hot coffee or using a drip coffee maker. Though this process will make cold brew within a considerably short time, the taste will remain as the original.

What type of coffee maker should you use?

Get ready with your coffee maker, e.g., drip coffee maker or any other maker. You may use any coffee maker and coffee that you like best.

Prepare ice slices

After preparing the brew, get ice slices in your hand and mix them into coffee grounds and warm water. Our suggestion is to add more ice slices than your assumption. Because some ice cubes will dissolve in hot water as soon as you enter them.

Mix up the ingredients

Mix up all your ingredients to get 100% essence from them. They will remain unmixed if you do not mix up the mixture properly. Thus they will deprive you of the desired taste.

Your preference for sugar or milk

All people do not like milkless coffee. If you like or prefer coffee with milk or sugar, add it to whichever amount you like.

Method #3: Pour over coffee using a microwave

As many people want to have a cold brew in a few minutes, this method will work excellently for them. ‍You need not so many ingredients or helping instruments.

Before starting the process, gather the following elements in your hand:

  • A cone
  • Coffee grounds – (1 tablespoon)
  • Hot water – 1 ½ cups
  • Ice – ¾ cup
  • Milk or cream – how much do you like
  • Microwave

Heating water

Take 1 ½ cups of water and heat it with a microwave. Heat like a regular coffee water heat.

Adding ice and place cone

Add some ice in your container or pitcher. Then place the cone over the pitcher. 

Add hot water and coffee

Pour coffee grounds into the pitcher. Now, add above prescribed amount of water. Don’t add more coffee grounds at a time. Now you should wait till the process finishes.

Final mix up

At last, stir all the components and mix them completely. Continue stirring until all the components get mixed.

That’s the end of this method. Hope you will enjoy a superb coffee experience.

Method #4 Using French Press machine

The French Press machine is one of the best ways to enjoy iced coffee. Make coffee generally using the machine. Here you need 2 cups of hot water, ¼ cup of coffee grounds, some ice cube slices, milk, and cream. When you have all the elements, just follow the below steps.

Get hot water ready

Make your water hot in any way. When it gets hot enough, stop the process. Get ready for other instruments.

Mixing water

Measure grinds as ¼ of the cups and pour them into the French Press machine. Get enough time to complete the extraction process since the machine requires a lot of medium grinds (larger grinds size that fine).

Mixing ice, milk, and sugar

After a few minutes of getting all elements together, add ice cubes in it. Then remix it. To make a difference in taste, add some milk and sugar. The quantity of milk and sugar is not fixed. You can add whatever you like.

Method #5: Making iced coffee with Mason Jar

If you have a coffee maker right now, you can still enjoy coffee with a Mason Jar and filter. Keep the following elements in your hand:

  • A Jar (alternatively a pitcher)
  • Coffee grounds
  • Ice slices
  • Filter

Putting coffee grounds in the Mason Jar

Put your desired coffee grounds in the Mason Jar. Pour coffee as much as you like to have the coffee and water ratio (1:4, 1:6 or 1:8).

Adding warm water through the filter

Add warm water to the coffee grounds. Wait till it makes all the coffee grinds wet. Jerk the jar to mix it properly.

Preserving in the refrigerator

Keep the Mason Jar with the entire mix in a refrigerator for the entire overnight.

Adding ice slices, milk, cream, and sugar

Get the components out from the refrigerator and add milk, sugar, or cream as much as you like.

You can get cold brew coffee recipes from the BBC food network also.

Usage of various ingredients in cold brew

Let’s have some introductory talks on all ingredients and their usage.

ingredients for cold brew coffee

Sugar amount

You can add sugar as per your preference. If you prepare coffee for more people, use a standard amount of sugar that suits all.

Milk and Cream quantity

There are various types of milk and cream to add to cold brew coffee. Some are so amazing to taste that you can not forget to mix your coffee. Nonetheless, you can make your own milk and cream.

Ice measurement

Add ice as much as you need. Make your coffee stronger because when you add ice cubes to the mixture, it gets melted and makes your coffee lighter. The more you dissolve ice in the coffee, the lighter your coffee becomes.

Coffee grounds amount

Our referred amount of coffee ground is an average quantity. You can add some more if you are habituated to this.

Adding water to the mixture

Where we have mentioned warm water, you need to use exactly this. If you think you have poured extra coffee, you can add water any time before drinking.

Coffee and water ratio

There is no constant coffee and water ratio theory. You can go for 1:4 or 1:6 or even for 1:8. In this context, just think about what you exactly love to taste.

Extra flavor

Sometimes, you can enjoy a cold brew or iced coffee with your favorite chocolate or vanilla flavor.

Coffee bean type

When you intend to make iced coffee or a drip coffee maker, you can use fine grounds. An espresso or French Press machine needs coarse grounds.

In another sense, you need to use dark beans, not green or blackish ones.

Frequently asked questions

Can I make cold brew in 2 hours?

In an authentic sense, you can not make a cold brew in 2 hours. You can make cold brew coffee in a special way and iced coffee within this duration or even a shorter time. It’s almost like making a regular coffee with warm water (not thoroughly boiled water), then adding some cold water.

How fast can you cold brew coffee?

You can make cold brew coffee within around 14 – 24 hours. Following some special recipes, you may need a considerably short time in new methods, e.g., 5 – 10 minutes.

What is the ratio of coffee to water for cold brew?

The coffee and water ratio of cold brew differs from experts’ suggestions. Some of them suggest that the ratio of water and coffee should be 8:1, while some suggest having it as 4:1. Another group of experts suggests that it should be 2:1. If you maintain the low difference between the low ratio, it will give you stronger coffee. And a lighter difference in the ratio will make the coffee lighter.

How many tablespoons of coffee should I use for cold brew?

So many people count coffee amounts depending on the tablespoon. To make a cold brew, you can follow the proper measurement: take two tablespoons of coffee and add 1 cup of room temperature water. You can take more or less coffee grounds according to your taste preference.

What happens if you oversteep cold brew?

If you oversteep your coffee, it will give you a bitter taste. To avoid this bitterness in coffee taste, maintain the steeping time accurately.

Should cold brew steep in fridge?

Cold brew steep requires normal temperature (room temperature). You must not keep it in the fridge during the steeping time, but it is okay to keep it in the refrigerator after the steeping time.

What is the difference between Cold Brew Coffee and Cold Drip Coffee

Cold drip coffee is liter than cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee follows the immersion method and cold drip coffee follows the percolation method.


We have discussed some effective and practical ways of making cold brew coffee faster and some iced brew methods to maintain relevancy. You may not be familiar with the faster cold brew-making process, but we think you have got the best answer to – how to make fast cold brew coffee.

Select any of the above methods you like and apply them carefully. We have gathered industry-leading experience-based real methods for your ultimate success. Just follow our steps properly and implement them properly. Your success depends on you only.

Wish you the best cold brew enjoyment! Feel free to write to us.

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